Gustavo Arellano on the Catholic Crisis

This page presents articles that Gustavo Arellano has written for the Orange County Weekly about the Catholic crisis in the Diocese of Orange. Arellano's work has emphasized the importance of documents in understanding the crisis, and he has provided many important documents as attachments to his columns (see Nailed? and the Personnel Bile series.) As a reporter who works on stories about Mexican immigrants for a local paper, he has also been alert to the role of ethnicity in the crisis (see King of the County Pedophiles) and to the significance of local politics and schools (see I Would Have Nothing to Offer and McKnight Fall).

Arellano was born and raised a Catholic (see The Year in Keeping the Faith) and his beat has been the scene of a unique settlement (see All-Spin Zone) and innovative work by an unusual law firm (see Army of God). These perspectives have informed his journalism on the crisis.

The OC Weekly is one of many small and alternative newspapers that have played a leading role in coverage of the Catholic crisis. Kristin Lombardi's Cardinal Sin (3/23/01) in the Boston Phoenix anticipated the Globe's Church Enabled Geoghan (1/6/02) by nearly a year, and Lombardi also broke new ground with Outing Cardinal Egan in the Village Voice (2/7/06). Ron Russell did the same in California—see his Camp Ped, in the LA New Times (8/15/02); Bishop Bad Boy in SF Weekly (3/19/03); and many other articles. See also Louis Rom, Devotion and Deceit in the Times of Acadiana (8/7/02); The Pain of Publicity, by Robert Nelson in the Phoenix New Times (8/22/02); Tom Nugent, Who Killed Sister Cathy? in the Baltimore City Paper (1/5/05); John Spragens, Rape of Faith in the Nashville Scene (6/30/05); Gregory Flannery, One Man's Long Journey to Overcome Priest Abuse in Cincinnati CityBeat (7/20/05); and many more. Jason Berry founded the genre with The Tragedy of Gilbert Gauthe in the Times of Acadiana (5/23/85) and then developed it. See, for example, his Sins of the Fathers in the Chicago Reader (5/24/91); and The Priest and the Boy in Rolling Stone (6/20/02). National Catholic Reporter, a weekly liberal Catholic newspaper, began publishing Berry's articles in 1985 and has covered the crisis since 1983. See for example Shining Light on a Cover-Up, by Michael Newall (4/28/06). The orthodox Catholic weekly The Wanderer and its reporter Paul Likoudis have been even more aggressive. See for example Episcopal Scandal, Pedophile Payoffs, and the Bernardin Legacy, by Paul Likoudis (6/18/98).

In the first column of the table below, we provide links to Arellano's articles on the Orange County Weekly's website. In the second column, click on C to view's cached copy of the article. The column of keywords for each article will help you to locate Arellano's work on a particular topic, and the Documents & Photos column provides direct links to the documents that Arellano has • posted or discussed. Clicking on the thumbnail photos brings you to the full-sized photo in the article.

In the photo above, Arellano looks at a Chicano mural in an Orange neighborhood (see his article Fading Away to Nada). Arellano is also the author of ¡Ask a Mexican!

Date Keywords Documents & Photos
Notorious Pedophile Organized Youth Retreats in OC C 11-01-07 McGuire, Marywood, St. Jean de Lestonnac Elementary School in Tustin  
Bishop McFarland to Priests: Stop Touching Boys! C 10-30-07 McFarland, Ziemann  
The Orange Diocese's Record-Breaking Streak C 10-29-07 Callahan, Andrade, Mater Dei, Fenton, Schinderle, Brown  
Jubal Speaks C 10-19-07 Urell  
More on the Defenders of the Bumblin' Friends C 10-17-07 Urell
Friends of Monsignor John Fully Repentant, Involve More Politicos C 10-17-07 Urell  
The Continuing Story of the Bunglin' Friends of Monsignor John
C 10-16-07 Urell, Manly, settlement  
Showdown Between Sex-Abuse Survivors, Hanna Tonight C 10-15-07 Urell  
"Friends of Monsignor John" Not Friends to Sex-Abuse Victims C 10-12-07 Urell, Manly Deposition of John Urell [2.1M; also available as two smaller files 1 2]
Bishop Brown Too Nice for Once! C 10-12-07 Brown, Settlement, Andrade, Stukenholtz, Ruiz  
Jane C.R. Doe Speaks: An Exclusive Interview with Jeff Andrade's Victim C 10-11-07 Ruiz, Andrade  
Fiddlin' in St. Augustine: A Tale of Two Sex-Abuse Settlements in the Orange Diocese C 10-11-07 Ruiz, Andrade
The Diocesan Spin Cycle Begins Anew C 10-10-07 Brown, Ruiz, Gray  
"Friends of Monsignor John" Already Deletin' C 10-10-07 Urell  
Urell Supporters Take Out Full-Page Ad in OC Register C 10-10-07 Urell Open Letter in Support of Msgr. John Urell (10/10/07)
Peepee Match Between John Manly, Jubal On! C 10-09-07 Manly  
Peter Callahan: Grade A A-Hole C 10-09-07 Callahan  
Mater Dei Writes A Lot, Says Nothing C 10-08-07 Mater Dei  
Bishop Brown Still Doesn't Get It C 10-08-07 Brown, Mater Dei  
Statement by John Manly on Settlement against Orange Diocese
C 10-05-07 Manly, settlement Manly statement on settlement (10/5/07)
Breaking: Orange Diocese Settles Andrade Case C 10-05-07 Brown, Manly, Stukenholtz, Schildknecht, Andrade, Callahan Diocesan press release on settlement (10/5/07)
A Critique of a Critique Criticizing My Bishop Brown Critique C 10-05-07 Brown, Mahony  
What the Hell is Bishop Brown Doing in St. Augustine? C 10-04-07 Brown
Diocesan Lawyers All of a Sudden Uppity C 10-03-07 Callahan, Urell, Andrade, Mater Dei  
Did John Urell Lie during His Deposition? C 10-03-07 Urell, McFarland, Andrade, Mater Dei, Manly  
OC Blog Spins for Urell (and Spins and Spins...)
C 10-01-07 Urell, press coverage  
Register Fails to Reveal Relationship between Loftus and Catholic Church
C 10-01-07 Loftus, press coverage  
SoCal's Other Wayward Bishop: Tod D. Brown, the Catholic Bishop for Orange County, Makes Cardinal Mahony Look like a Saint C 10-01-07 Brown, Mahony  
Hilarious Quote of the Year Award Goes To...
C   Callahan, Brown, Hicks  
Bad Moves: The Bishop Broke His Covenant, the Former Chancellor Broke Down, but the Truth about the Diocese of Orange's Sex-Abuse Scandal Is Emerging in Court Anyway C 09-27-07 Urell, Manly, Ramos, Berlie, Pacheco, Pecharich, Andersen, Harris
Bad Moves: Addendum: A Paper Trail through the Orange Diocese's Darkest Episode
C 09-27-07 Urell, Ramos, Pacheco, Pecharich Urell sends money to Ramos (10/2/87)
Urell sends Pacheco back (2/9/88)
Urell's notes on Pecharich victims (2/10/93)
Urell to Berlie on R's suspension (7/13/93)
Urell notes on Pecharich admission (8/6/96)
Urell notes on Pecharich (8/17/96)
Urell complaining to victim's therapist (1/9/01)
Urell email on victim's therapist (5/1/01)
Therapist's letter to Urell (11/7/01)
Urell check for victim's therapy (3/15/02)
Saying Howdy to John Urell in Canada
C   Urell, Southdown  
Statutory Rapist Andrade and Pals Seek to Block Many Things
C 09-25-07 Mater Dei, Andrade, Manly  
Stuck Inside of Memphis with the Catholic Blues Again C 09-20-07 Urell, Southdown, Andrade, Hennessey, Manly Hennessey to Manly, Letter on Msgr. Urell's Whereabouts (9/3/07)
OC Diocese Paid Admitted Child Molester $100,000 C 09-17-07 Andrade, Brown, Mater Dei
New PR Flack for OC Diocese, Same Idiocy C 09-15-07 Fenton, Lilyengren, Andrade, Mater Dei Clarification of Current Media Reports, by the Diocese of Orange (9/14/07)
Statement Regarding Msgr. John Urell, by Patrick Hennessey (9/4/07)
Diocese of Fresno Lies to OC Weekly, Spins for Brown C 09-14-07 Brown, Steinbock, Hicks  
Gracias, Frank Mickadeit... C 09-14-07 Brown, press coverage  

The Annotated Bishop Brown Deposition

Note: The cache of this article offers links to easily-downloaded pages of the deposition.

C 09-13-07 Brown, Hicks

Deposition of Bishop Tod D. Brown (9/10/07) 6M file
Exhibit 1 of Brown Deposition, which contains the same documents released by Arellano, plus a diocesan version of a letter with later notes indicating that the 'completed' investigation of the Hicks complaint was still ongoing
Same deposition in easier-to-download parts. Pages:
     • 001-030
     • 031-060
     • 121-150
     Exhibit 1

Breaking: OC Diocese Lawyers Seek to Seal Bishop Brown Deposition C 09-11-07 Brown  
McKnight Shifts: Who's Telling the Truth in Mater Dei's Latest Sex-Abuse Trial: Its President, the School's Legendary Basketball Coach, or the OC Weekly? C 08-09-07 McKnight, Mater Dei, Andrade  
LA Archdiocese Sex Abuse Settlement: The OC Connection C 07-16-07 Ramos, Llanos  
OC Diocese Lawyer Trashes OC Weekly but Still Loses C 07-09-07 Brown, Callahan, Manly  
Full-Court Mess: Admitted Mater Dei Molester Raising Money for High Schoolers C 06-28-07 Andrade, McKnight, Mater Dei, Casteix, Varsity Gold  
Another Sex-Abuse Accusation against Diocese of Orange C 05-26-07 Brown, Manly, press coverage Diocese of Orange Accused of Shielding Sexual Predator, press release from Manly, McGuire & Stewart (5/25/07)
Another Black Eye for Mater Dei C 05-15-07 Mater Dei, Richardson, Balsis, Stukenholtz, Andrade, McKnight  
Nailed? Bishop Tod Brown and His Undisclosed Molestation Accusation C 04-24-07 Brown, Scott Hicks, Steinbock, Mahony, Cox Hicks to Steinbock Accusing Brown (7/3/97)
Steinbock's Reply (7/11/97)
Gordon on Investigation (8/6/97)
Gordon on Single Allegation (9/29/97)
Hicks to Mahony Accusing Brown (3/10/02)
Cox's Reply (3/26/02)
McKnight Out: Catholic Church Leaders Protect Mater Dei Coach from Deposition C 02-22-07 McKnight, Mater Dei  
McKnight Moves: Lawsuit Reveals Tampering Charges against Famed Basketball Coach C 02-01-07 McKnight, Mater Dei  
I Really Am This Dense, Letter to the Editor with Response by Arellano C 02-01-07    
McKnight Fall: Gary McKnight Built an Athletic Empire at Mater Dei. Will His Role in a Pedophile's Return to Campus Destroy It? C 01-25-07 McKnight, Mater Dei
McKnight Errant: Famed Mater Dei Basketball Coach Helped Pedophile Get a Job—at Mater Dei C 12-21-06 McKinght, Mater Dei  
The Wretched of the Wretches: Will OC See the Ultimate Catholic Pedophile Bare All in Deliver Us From Evil? C 11-09-06 O'Grady
Gloria in Exclusion Deo: Why Does Orange Bishop Tod Brown Worry about a Boring Latin Mass? C 10-12-06 Brown, Tridentine Mass
Hardwood Babylon: A Decade Later, Mater Dei High School's Still Protecting a Coach Accused of Sleeping with Students C 04-27-06 Andrade

King of the County Pedophiles: The Life, Death and Final Escape of Eleuterio Ramos

Note:'s cached copy includes links to documents and additional photos.

C 12-14-05 Ramos, Johnson, McFarland, Urell, Berlie, Meissner Rawden to Hawkes on incident (3/27/75)
R to Hawkes on therapy (4/1/75)
R's Latino activism (3/23/78)
Letter to Johnson on great concern (9/13/79)
Teacher to Johnson on grave matter (11/11/79)
R letter to accuser (12/25/79)
Letter vs. R's Latino activism (1/6/85)
More vs. R's activism (1/12/85)
Driscoll on R's slip (7/24/85)
Driscoll on Johnson $ to R (9/10/85)
Johnson to R on care (11/6/85)
Driscoll to Berlie on R history (9/24/85)
R on parish in Mexico (3/5/86)
McFarland ending more R $ (4/15/92)
Soto to Urell on Johnson weeping (6/30/93)
Urell on victims - 'another one' (8/17/94)

The Damning Documents

Note:'s cached copy includes links to documents and additional photos.

C 12-14-05 Ramos Driscoll notes on complaint (date redacted)
Letter to Johnson on great concern (9/13/79)
Teacher to Johnson on grave matter (11/11/79)
Driscoll notes on complaint (11/19/79)
R on Marsalin treatment (1/31/80)
Dr. Hoppe to Johnson (4/26/82)
Driscoll notes on complaint (9/21/82)
Driscoll notes on complaint (no date)
Driscoll on R's slip (7/24/85)
Steinbock on R's slip (7/24/85)
Driscoll to Berlie on R history (9/24/85)
R to Johnson on Mexico (10/13/85)
Soto to Urell on Johnson weeping (6/30/93)

'Tittie Twister' "! How the Los Angeles Archdiocese Stretched, Twisted and Contorted to Hide Bad, Bad Priests in Orange County  and How We Learned to Love It

Note:'s cached copy includes links to LA archdiocesan records.

C 10-27-05 Buckley, Caffoe, Garcia, Horvath, Kohnke, Sharpe, schools LA archdiocesan summary of Buckley file
LA archdiocesan summary of Caffoe file
LA archdiocesan summary of Peter Garcia file
LA archdiocesan summary of Horvath file
LA archdiocesan summary of Kohnke file
LA archdiocesan summary of Sharpe file
Stories That Made a Difference C 09-08-05 Arellano, Fuentes, Brown, settlement  
Lights! Camera! Silence! The Orange Diocese's Anti-Pedophilia DVD Is Neither a Blockbuster Nor Available at Blockbuster C 06-09-05 Diocesan PR
The "Sins" of the Father: While Catholic Priests Raped Orange County Children, Pope John Paul II Looked the Other Way C 05-19-05 Andersen Letters to Pope John Paul II about Andersen abuse, with Vatican reaction (1987)

Brain Teaser! Take the Bishop Michael Driscoll Pedo-Quiz

Note: No longer available on the OC Weekly site. See the version, derived from the Internet Archive's cache.

C 05-13-05 Driscoll, Lenihan, Widera, Ramos, Foley
Personnel Bile No. 7: The Choir Master. Father Richard Coughlin of the Costa Mesa-Based All-American Boys Choir Manages to Keep His Files under Wraps for a While Longer C 04-15-05 Coughlin collection of documents from Coughlin's Boston personnel file

A Moral, Abject Failure When It Mattered: Pope John Paul II, 1920-2005

Note: No longer available on the OC Weekly site. See the cached version.

C 04-08-05 Pope John Paul II, Arellano, Romero
Deal of the Century: The LA-OC Pedophile Priest Swap C 03-31-05 Ramos, Llanos Deal of the Century: Table by Arellano comparing Eleuterio Ramos and Theodore Llanos
Gone Lenten: Knifing Whoopee-Cushion Beliefs at California Fish Grill C 03-31-05 Arellano  

Shreddin': Other Catholic Diocese[s] Have Destroyed Incriminating Priest Personnel Files. Why Not Orange?

Note: The cached version has links to some of the examples.

C 03-24-05 Springfield MA, Manchester NH, Cleveland OH, Fairbanks AK, Oakland CA, Worcester MA, Dallas TX, Tucson AZ Speech by Bishop A. James Quinn (4/23/90)
Deposition of Rev. James Scahill 1 2 (9/03)
Personnel Bile 6: The E-mail and the History C 03-17-05 Heher, settlement Text of Heher's Email (1/3/05)
Separate Attachment to Heher Email: How the Diocese of Orange Came to Settle the Sexual Abuse Civil Claims
Northern Exposure: By Trashing Spitzer, Register Protects GOP, Catholic Church C 03-03-05 Rackauckas, Lyon, Fuentes, Karcher
Personnel Bile 5: The List: A List of Every Orange County Priest Ever Accused of Pedophilia since 1958 and the Parishes They Roamed C 03-03-05 Andersen, Aranda, Atherton, Buckman, Caffoe, Casimano, Coffield, Coughlin, Delahunty, Duplessis, Fernando, Foley, Ford, Harris, Hartman, Horvath, Jimenez, Kenney, Klikunas, Lenihan, Lord, Lyons, Murray, Pacheco, Pecharich, Perez, Plesetz, Ramos, Ruhl, Sharkey, Sharpe, Sheahan, Stallkamp, Tanilong, Widera, Ziemann Official Catholic Directory listings of accused Orange priests (Excel sheet)
Official Catholic Directory listings of accused Orange priests ( web version)
Personnel Bile 4: The Boneyard Tryst: A 1981 police report concerning Father Jerome Henson C 02-24-05 Henson Crime Report by Sgt. J. Ring (8/5/81)
Personnel Bile 3: The Milwaukee Monster: More Documents from the Weekly Archive of Catholic Church Pedo-Protecting Archives C 02-17-05 Widera Docket, complaint, probation (1973-76)
Priest's complaints about W (9/3/73)
Discharge of W (8/13/76)
Milwaukee archdiocesan log (1973-81)
Loftus' Luster Lost: Controversial Professor Is Latest UCI Employee Associated with Pedo-Priests C 02-17-05 Shanley
Personnel Bile 2: Surf City Sinnin': More Documents from the Weekly Archive of Catholic Church Pedo-Protecting Archives C 02-10-05 Andersen Police Reports by Detective Gary Brooks on Investigation of Rev. A. Christian Andersen
Personnel Bile: Weekly Announces Release of Catholic Church Pedo-Protecting Archives C 02-03-05 Harris Letter from Rossetti to Urell, St. Luke Institute Evaluation of Msgr. Michael A. Harris (3/1/94)
Goodwill Shunting: Even after $100 Million Sex-Abuse Settlement, Orange Diocese Still Denies Claims of Victims C 01-21-05 Casteix, Hodgman, Fenton  
The All-Spin Zone: Confidential Memo Reveals Real Reason Bishop Brown Settled Sex-Abuse Suits C 01-14-05 Heher
Holy Hell: Letters to the Editor with a Reply by Arellano C 01-13-05    
The Year in Keeping the Faith: Gustavo Arellano's Year-Long Coverage of the Diocese of Orange Hits Home C 12-30-04 Arellano, Ramos
Boy-Buggering Bingo! 10 Unlikely Winners and Losers in the Orange Diocese Sodomy Sweepstakes C 12-23-04 Manly, McFarland  
Sexual Reeling: How the Register Blew the Orange Diocese Sex-Abuse Story C 12-09-04 Orange County Register
Turn That Smile into a Brown: How the Orange Bishop Put the Deal Together C 12-08-04 Settlement  
A Millstone Around Their Necks: How the Register Blew the Orange Diocese Sex-Abuse Story C 12-02-04 Orange County Register, Settlement  
Deposition Men: They Aren't Priests, But These Four Are Sure to Get Deposed in Orange Diocese's Boy-Buggering Trials C 11-19-04 Baker, Fuentes, Lyon, Rackauckas
OC's Scariest People 2004: Finishing at No. 2 is Orange Bishop Tod D. Brown; Diocesan General Counsel Maria Schinderle Sneaks in at No. 20 C 10-28-04 Brown, Schinderle  
More Bang, Please: As His Priests Clamor for Optional Celibacy, Bishop Brown Spends Thousands on Mysterious PR Firm C 10-14-04 Brown, Softness Group  
Catholic Confessional Confidential: Church Correspondence Reveals Alleged Molestation by Visiting Bishop C 09-30-04 Ziemann, Andersen, Tanilong, Harris
Let Them Eat Wafers: Bishop Ignores Heavy Parishioner Opposition to Cathedral C 09-23-04 Brown, cathedral, Softness Group
Room at the Inns: Simple Move Could Save Diocese Millions C 09-16-04 Brown, real estate
Lifestyles of the Rich and Pious: A Tour of the Orange Diocese's Most Transubstantiastic Homes C 09-16-04 Brown, real estate
Church Bulletin, Letters to the Editor C 09-16-04 Kenney, Brown, real estate  
Godsent/Goddamn Gustavo: Letters to the Editor with Reply by Arellano C 08-26-04    
Nuestra Señora de Censorship: Who Says the Virgin of Guadalupe Can't Be Sexy? C 08-19-04 Virgin of Guadalupe, Soto
Movin' On Up: Bishop Brown to Leave Half-Million-Dollar Shack for Million-Dollar Estate C 08-12-04 Brown, real estate  
The Army of God: How a Monk, an Altar Boy, and a Sex-Abuse Victim Joined Forces to Battle Their Common Enemy: the Catholic Church C 08-12-04 Manly, Wall, DiMaria, Casteix, Harris
Christ Our Non-Saver: Multi-Million Dollar SexAbuseTrials or Not, Bishop Brown Plans for Gargantuan Cathedral C 07-29-04 Brown, real estate, cathedral
All Aboard the Pedo-Train! New Evidence Reveals Former OC Bishop Norman McFarland Knew More about the Pedophilic Priests Roaming County Parishes Than He Ever Admitted C 07-22-04 McFarland, Krumm, Henson
Local Boy Makes Good—For Child Molesters: Former Tucson Bishop Comes Clean about Allowing Pederast Priests to Visit Orange County C 07-15-04 Moreno, Ramos, Monzo, Barmasse, Guillen
Hide the Buggering Priests! A Brief History of Pedophilic-Priest Shuffling in the Diocese of Orange C 07-08-04 Aranda, Buckman, Casimano, Foley, Kenney, Ramos; Coughlin, Henson, Perez, Widera
Brown Out: Conservative Catholics Target Bishop with Blue Binder of Blasphemy C 07-01-04 Brown, Orange County Catholics  
Podex Maximus: An Open Letter to His Holiness Pope John Paul II Regarding Orange Diocese Spokesperson Father Joseph Fenton C 06-24-04 Fenton, John Paul II  
Dirty Money: He May Agree to Pay Millions to Settle Sex-Abuse Cases, but OC Bishop Brown Will Still Win C 06-17-04 settlement  
Let Us Prey: Despite Recent Conviction, Critics Say the DA Goes Easy on Child-Molesting priests. C 04-08-04 Tanilong, Harris, Lenihan
The 'Cool Counselor': Suit Accuses Mater Dei of Shielding Molesters C 03-18-04 Balsis, Hodgman, Harris, Andrade, Stukenholtz, Merino, Richardson, Horvath, Zieman
Television Killed the Catholic Star: Given the Chance to Come Clean on Sex Abuse, Bishop Brown Chokes - Again C 03-04-04 Brown, John Jay Report  
Good Cop, Bad Church: Detective Still Heartsick over Diocese's Handling of the Only Convicted Child-Molesting Priest. C 02-19-04 Andersen, Tanilong, Gilligan
King of County Pedophiles: A Conversation with a Police Report on Admitted Pederast Eleuterio Ramos C 02-05-04 Ramos  
He Says He Wants a Reformation: On Molestation Issues, Bishop Brown Makes Like Luther, Then Stumbles C 01-29-04 Brown, Wall, Fenton, DiMaria, PR, Softness Group Covenant with the Faithful , by Bishop Tod D. Brown (1/18/04)
Clean Bill of Hell: Investigators for Diocesan Audit Never Bothered Talking to Victims C 01-15-04 Casteix, USCCB audit Diocese of Orange Audit, USCCB (1/5/04)
Wishful Adding: Diocese Report Can't Do the Math in Abuse Report C 01-08-04 John Jay Report; Atherton, Lenihan, Lyons, Pacheco, Coughlin, Andersen, Widera, Ramos; on 1/10 diocese added Buckman, Casamino, Foley, Harris, Jimenez, Kenney, Pecharich, Perez John Jay Report, Diocese of Orange (1/10/04)
Other Diocesan John Jay Reports (late 2003-early 2004)
National John Jay Report (2004)
Catholischism: Letter to the Editor with Response by Arellano C 01-08-04 Fuentes  
No Vow of Silence Here: Fernando Guido Wants to Talk, But Investigators Don't Want to Listen C 12-25-03 Salazar
Must-See TV Producer: The Catholic Church's Game of Hide-the-Priest Put Tom Fuentes in Charge of an Alleged Pedophile C 12-11-03 Henson, Fuentes, McFarland  
The Bawdy of Christ: Is St. Joseph's Christ Mural Symbolic of Diocesan Pedophilia Problems? C 12-04-03 Salazar

"I Would Have Nothing to Offer": Tom Fuentes Swears He's Clueless about Sex Abuse in the Orange Diocese

C 11-27-03 Fuentes, Widera , Ramos, Andersen, Pacheco, Casteix, Mater Dei




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