Bishop Accountability

The Assignment Record Project has launched a project to gather and post the assignment records of every U.S. Catholic priest who has been accused of sexual abuse since 1940, so that vulnerable communities can be identified and bishops' transfer policies can be determined.

See below for a brief description of assignment records and their importance, easy ways that you can help with this project, and our initial list of assignment records. For a more detailed account of assignment record research and how you can volunteer, see our guide.

Assignment Records: Why They Are Important

An assignment record lists all the diocesan and parish appointments of a priest, including telltale periods of sick leave. A detailed assignment record, like this assignment record of John Geoghan created by the Boston Globe, identifies populations that have been placed at risk, and is also cross-referenced with a list of accusations, so that the transfer policies of the priest's bishops can be evaluated. By identifying a priests' seminary class and the colleagues with whom he has worked, an assigment record can also begin to identify the circle of colleagues who kept the priest's activities secret and who might even have been involved in the abuse themselves.

Assignment records are all around us:
* Newspaper accounts of the crisis
* Diocesan records
* Investigative files
* Obituaries and other old newspaper reports

But these records are dispersed and difficult to find, and complete assignment records for most accused priests are not publicly available. We urge the U.S. bishops to publish detailed assignment records with treatment episodes and accusation dates for every abuser. In the meantime, we are undertaking this work of research and collection ourselves. See our initial collection of assignment records below.

Volunteering for the Assignment Record Project

Please send us any assignment records that know about or come across:
* In your daily newspaper reading
* In your personal experience, if you are a survivor of abuse
* In the research that you've done, if you are a lawyer or a reporter working in this area

If you would like to join the Service Record Project as a volunteer -- for a few hours, or a few hours per week, or anything in between -- please read our guide to service record research, and email us to let us know you're interested. This is work that you can do at a local Catholic college library or at most central city libraries, and you can email, snail mail, or even phone us the results.

List of Assignment Records

The staff at has begun to assemble a library of assignment records for accused priests and others who figure in the crisis. Some we have developed ourselves from the Official Catholic Directory, diocesan documents, and investigative reports. Others were created by lawyers and investigative reporters. Others were created by the dioceses themselves and relinquished under subpoena, or were prepared by the dioceses in response to investigation by law enforcement.

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Last First Ord T Status D/O Notes Diocese Source/Assignments
Anthony Joseph 1952 P Sued 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Allegations received Fall 2002. Placed on leave 2/03 after allegations that he abused minor females more than 40 years before at Holy Cross parish (1st assignment). Resided in a "monitored and restricted setting" after Archdiocese permanently removed his privileges 9/05. Vatican agreed but did not laicize him. Name appears on 6/03 list of 23 priests whom Archdiocese has confirmed have credible accusations of sexual abuse of a minor. Two women filed civil suit 5/09 after futile mediation. Died 7/2011. Chicago, IL Source:
Chicago Sun Times 06.15.03; Chicago Sun Times 09.27.05; Chicago Tribune 09.27.05; Chicago Archdiocesan Report 03.20.06; Chicago Breaking News 05.10.09; Chicago Tribune 05.11.09; Chicago Archdiocesan Report accessed 02.25.12
Assignments: Assignment Record; Vader Personnel File
Paul R. 1982 P Settled 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Reported in 2002 that 11 yr old girl told a nun in 1999 that Valdez had placed his hand on her groin during confession 12/98. Teacher and the principal embarrassed the child in class, played down the incident to CPS and warned students not to tell anyone. Police conducted 6 month investigation but no charges filed. Parents sued the diocese in Dec. 1999 and suit settled out of court. Valdez was still active in 2010. Monterey, CA Source:
Monterey County Herald 5.5.02; Monterey County Herald 05.17.02; Dallas Morning News 06.12.02; Monterey County Herald 03.29.03
Assignments: Assignment Record
Leroy A. 1977 P Settled 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Woman reported in 1982 that Valentine abused her 3 sons (ages 10,11 & 12). Police sent her to archdiocese. Lawsuit filed 1995; each youth received $20K settlement in 1998. Valentine sent for treatment & transferred. Name became public 3/02 but archdiocese refused to remove because allegations unsubstantiated. Retired 3/02 after another victim came forward with allegation of abuse in 1978. Review Board found allegations substantiated 5/1/13. Privileges removed. Lawsuit filed 10/15 accusing Valentine of repeated sexual abuse, including rape, of boy attending Immacolata school 1977-81, beginning when boy age 11. Plaintiff said priest told him the abuse was "special training" to become altar boy. St. Louis, MO Source:
St Louis Post-Dispatch 03.02.02; NY Times 03.03.02; St Louis Post-Dispatch 03.03.02; St Louis Post-Dispatch 03.04.02; St Louis Post-Dispatch 03.06.02; NY Times 03.28.02; St Louis Post-Dispatch 03.28.02; Associated Press 04.30.02; Dallas Morning News 06.12.02; Riverfront Times 10.21.10; Statement by Archdiocese of St Louis 05.01.13; SNAP Statement 05.08.13; St Louis Post-Dispatch 05.08.13; Riverfront Times 05.10.13; St Louis Post -Dispatch 05.10.13; KMOV Missouri 10.20.15; Riverfront Times 10.20.15; St Louis Post-Dispatch 10.20.15
Vatican Crimes 5.12.13 (add'l article)
James P. 1949 P Sued 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Ordained OR 1949; moved to ME 1950. At least five allegations of abuse of boys rec'd per docs released by ME AG's office 5/05. Four were said to be in Portland between 1956-1962. Privileges removed and abuse publicly acknowledged in 1993 after one accusation. A woman told pastor of St. Michael's church in 1994 (and later) that she had been abused at age 11. She settled for $200K 12/09 re 1976 abuse. Vallely retired 1988; died 12/12/97. Three more accusers emerged 12/09. Two men filed suits 5/13. On 11/23/15 six men filed civil suits vs the Portland ME diocese alleging abuse by Vallely 1958-1977. All were altar boys, ages ranging 8-15 during alleged abuse. The diocese settled with the six men 8/15/16 for $1.2 million. Portland, ME Source:
Orlando Sentinel 03.05.93; Portland Press Herald 02.12.02; Portland Press Herald 02.24.02; Maine AG Memo 08.06.03; Maine AG Document Production 05.27.05; Bangor Daily News 05.28.05; Portland Press Herald (AP) 07.04.05; Portland Press Herald 07.17.05; Portland Press Herald 07.17.05; NSACoalition 01.04.09; WBZ 12.02.09; WMTW 12.02.09; Bangor Daily News 12.03.09; Catholic Culture 12.03.09; Portland Press Herald 05.21.13; SNAP Statement 05.21.13; The Republic (AP) 05.21.13; Portland Press Herald 05.23.13; Bangor Daily News 06.03.13; Portland Press Herald 04.07.15; Bangor Daily News 01.05.16; Daily Mail 01.05.16; Maine Public Broadcasting 01.05.16; Portland Press Herald 01.05.16; WHDH 03.30.16; WLBZ 08.15.16; Morning News USA 08.16.16; Portland Press Herald 08.16.16; Church Militant 08.18.16
Assignments: Assignment Record
Valverde William 1962 P Sued 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Named in 12/03 civil suit filed by 2 men who alleged that in mid-1970s Valverde exposed them (and others) to "alcohol, drugs, cigarettes and deviant sex." Included on list of priests with credible allegations released by San Diego diocese 3/30/07. Also worked in San Bernardino diocese. Left active priesthood in 1983. Through clerical errors, these 2 plaintiffs were NOT included in 2007 San Diego settlement and their lawsuit still existed until settlement reached 4/08. San Diego, CA Source:
Lompoc Record 03.30.07; Union Tribune 03.31.07; Union Tribune 11.12.07; Union Tribune 04.20.08
Diocese of San Diego List 3.30.07
Van Acker Michael R. 1981 P Accused 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Van Acker, a medical center chaplain and former chaplain at several high schools, was placed on leave 6/02 when diocese received allegations that he engaged in sexual misconduct with a minor in early 1980s. One article notes a leave of absence in 1992 prior to his assignment to the medical center. Peoria, IL Source:
Chicago Tribune 6.8.02; Copely News Service 6.7.02; Pantagraph 6.8.02; Peoria Journal Star 6.8.02
Copely News Service 6.7.02
Van der Linden
Peter J. 1955 P Accused 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Publicly named for first time in Archdiocesean press release 10/02. He was removed in 1993 after "serious and substantive allegation of sexual misconduct dating back to the early years of his ministry." He had been on medical leave of absence since 1991 but had begun working part time at Cardinal Mooney High School, Marine City, in 1993 per his assignment record. Permanently removed from ministry 5/05. Died Feb. 2007. Detroit, MI Source:
Archdiocese of Detroit Status Report 10.09; Detroit Archdiocese Release 11.02; USA Today 11.11.02; Associated Press 05.27.05; Michigan Catholic 05.27.05; Detroit Free Press 02.11.07
Archdiocese of Detroit Press Release 10.22.02
Van Handel
Robert M. 1975 P Convicted 47A15D80-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Founding director of Santa Barbara Boys' Choir and principal of St. Anthony's Seminary High School. Charged 1994 with abuse of students. Sentenced 8/94 to 8 yrs prison for abuse of 1. Released in 2002. Named in several civil suits. Archdiocesan reportsays abuse of 6 between 1970-1982. 4 claims settled 2006. See add'l info in 2 suits filed fall, 2009. Registered sex offender. Personnel File released 5/12. Per file he was laicized 7/23/97. On sex offender register 1/12. San Francisco, CA Source:
Daily Mail (UK) 6.2.12; KVOR 6.2.12; San Antonio Express News 6.1.12; The Patch 6.1.12; Link to additional articles prior to 12.31.11; Fox News 05.22.12; CBS Los Angeles 05.23.12; LA Times 05.23.12; Personnel file posted on 05.23.12; San Antonio Express News 05.23.12; Christian Post 05.24.12; LA Times 01.15.13; Get Religion 01.16.13
Assignments: Assignment Record; LA Times Database 4.20.06
Van Liefde
Christopher 1973 P Sued 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC In 1992 woman reports inappropriate sexual conduct by Van Liefde in 1973 and 1974. Placed on leave 2002. Another allegation 2003. Sued 2003. 2 accusers per LA Report with incidents from 1971-1975. Los Angeles, CA Source:
LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 3; The Wander 1.8.04; LA Daily News 06.20.02; LA Times 08.18.02; USA Today 11.11.02
LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum 11.15.05; LA Times Database 4.20.06
Van ter Toolen Vincent   P Accused 862B0A4E-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Accused of abuse between 1962-1964. Left archdiocese 1970. Accuser came forward in 2002 to allege abuse in approx 1961 (when he was aged 3-5). Deceased. Named in archdiocesan report. Named in 1 civil suit. At least one claim included in 11/06 $10M settlement with Order, LA Archdiocese and 7 people alleging abuse by 5 priests and religious. Los Angeles, CA Source:
LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 6; Catholic Key 11.10.06
LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum 11.15.05; LA Times Database 4.20.06
Van Trieste Martin 1945 P Sued 48A40071-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Van Trieste is accused in 6/02 lawsuit of abusing 2 boys who were members of the Little Martins, a touring singing group of Hispanic boys. As of 2002, Van Trieste, 87, was in a Maryland nursing home with dementia. Three additional men joined in thesuit 9/02. Cleveland, OH Source:
Plain Dealer 06.25.02; Plain Dealer 09.19.02
Assignments: Assignment Record
Vasaturo Anthony J. 1955 P Accused 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Per personnel records released 1/04, Vasaturo allegedly admitted to sexual activity with 16-yr-old old girl beginning in 1969. Per Archdiocese website accessed 9/30/10 Vasaturo had senior priest status and resides at Regina Cleri Residence. Per 8/11 Boston AD database, review board found accusations unsubstantiated or he was acquitted by canonical process. Died 6/22/13. Boston, MA Source:
Boston Herald 01.15.04; National Catholic Register 08.25.11; Legacy Obituary 07.26.13
Assignments: Assignment Record
Roger 1977 P Sued 748C9547-AF88-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Dismissed from Order 9/27/01. As part of 2/09 settlement, Order admitted that it had received credible allegations of child sex abuse committed by him. Note that none of the plaintiffs in the 2/09 settlement was an alleged victim of Vaughn. As of 3/10 he was at an Orthodox-Catholic Church of America Parish in New York. Name on list of priests released by Archdiocese 12/5/13 but AD denied any claims of abuse of minor within Archdiocese. Name on St Cloud list of 1/3/14 and Crosier list of 3/8/14. St. Cloud, MN Source:
Star Tribune 05.04.06; Forest Lake Times 02.05.09; Pioneer Press 02.05.09; Shoreview Press 02.06.09; Saint John of Kronstadt 03.29.10; Catholic Spirit 12.05.13; St Paul & Minneapolis List of Credibly Accused Priests released 12.05.13; Star Tribune 12.05.13; Star Tribune 12.06.13; Diocese of St Cloud--Bishop Kettler Press Release, 01.03.14; Legal Examiner 01.03.14; St Cloud Times 01.03.14; Star Tribune 01.03.14; WJON 01.03.14; Crosier Province Updated List of Religious Involved in Sexual Abuse of Minors 03.08.14; St Cloud Times 03.08.14; Duluth News Tribune 03.09.14; Legal Examiner 03.09.14; Jeff Anderson & Associates 11.05.14; St Cloud Times 05.29.16; WJON 05.29.16
Assignments: Assignment Record; Assignment Record Released by Crosier Order 03.08.14
Clarence J. 1965 P none 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Per admission by ABp Nienstedt of St. Paul-Minneapolis on 11/11/13, Vavra admitted in 1995 that he sexually abused young boys and a teen in 1975 while assigned to Rosebud Indian Reservation in SD. Also admitted sex with adult men. Received in-patient and out-patient treatment 1996-1997 but was allowed to return to ministry 1998-2003 before he was finally removed but not laicized. He received extra stipend every month until 2012. No publicity at all until 11/13. Lives in New Prague, MN. Rapid City, SD Source:
Minnesota Public Radio 11.11.13; Minnesota Public Radio (with documents) 11.11.13; Open Letter from Archbishop Nienstedt 11.11.13; Pioneer Press 11.11.13; SD SNAP Statement 11.11.13; SNAP Statement 11.11.13; Star Tribune 11.11.13; ValleyNewsLive 11.11.13; Faribault County Register 11.12.13; KARE 11.12.13; Minnesota Public Radio 11.12.13; SNAP Statement 11.12.13; MinnPost 11.15.13; SNAP Statement 11.18.13; Star Tribune 12.02.13; My Fox 9 12.04.13; Catholic Spirit 12.05.13; Hastings Star Gazette 12.05.13; Shakopee Valley News 12.05.13; St Paul & Minneapolis List of Credibly Accused Priests released 12.05.13; Star Tribune 12.05.13; Le Center Leader 12.06.13; Star Tribune 12.06.13; Waseca County News 12.06.13; Post Review 12.11.13; Union-Bulletin 01.25.14; Minnesota Public Radio 07.21.14; Jeff Anderson & Associates 11.05.14
Assignments: Assignment Record
Jose 2008 P Sentenced 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Arrested 9/9/15 at home of 12-year-old boy whose father called police after walking in on Vazquez engaged in sex act with boy. Charged with two counts sexual battery against a minor. Admitted behavior and to abuse of other children. Mexico native. Attended St. Meinrad Seminary, Indiana. Pastor since 1/15/14 of St. Francis Xavier in Wiggins and St. Lucy Mission in Lucedale. Associate pastor 2009-2011 Immaculate Conception in Laurel and Sacred Heart in Hattiesburg 2011-2014. Pled guilty. Sentenced 5/16 to 10 yrs. prison and ordered deported upon his release. Biloxi, MS Source:
Clarion-Ledger 09.10.15; Gulf Pine Catholic 09.10.15; Sun Herald 09.10.15; WDAM 09.10.15; Sun Herald 05.16.16; WDAM 05.16.16; Washington Times 05.17.16
Sun Herald 09.10.15
Vincent J. 1971 P Settled 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Veich was placed on leave 4/02 because of claims he abused children. He admitted sexual misconduct with a 17 year old girl in late 1970s. The woman came forward 3/02 and this instigated Veich's dismissal. Claim(s) against Veich settled by Diocese as part of massive $21M settlement in 10/03 involving 40 plaintiffs and 16 priests. Bridgeport, CT Source:
Greenwich Times 6.8.03; Hartford Courant 04.22.02; Connecticut Post 11.13.02; Connecticut Post 10.16.03; Associated Press 10.17.03; Connecticut Post 12.01.09
Assignment Records Compiled by Law Firm
Velez John 1988 P Sued 4BB07D24-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Left El Paso TX diocese in 1990 under a cloud. In 1991 Monterey Diocese learned of the abuse of 1 youth by Velez and another priest & met with the victim and his family. Diocese expelled Velez and notified his order of the reasons. The society recalled Velez to Mexico and sent an escort to ensure his return. Diocese says civil authorities were notified in 1991. Sued 2003 by this plaintiff. Accused of abuse in Monterey and Tucson. Monterey case settled 5/09 for $1.2M just before trial. Monterey, CA Source:
Arizona Daily Star 6.3.09; Yuma Sun 6.1.09; Monterey County Herald 06.06.03; Monterey County Herald 01.28.04; Bishop Ryan's February Pastoral Letter 02.04.04; 04.17.07; OC Weekly 12.07.07; Monterey Herald 05.17.09; KSBW 05.26.09; KSBW 05.29.09; Salinas Californian 05.29.09; Monterey Herald 05.30.09; Monterey Herald 07.19.09; Monterey Herald 07.19.09
Assignments: Assignment Record
Veneto Joseph P. 1946 P Accused 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Supervised accused abuser Denis Conte while at St. Anthony's in Revere, MA. Included in a list of accused priests and religious posted by the Law Offices of Mitchell Garabedian on 01/19/11. Garabedian says he has settled at least one claim with Boston Archdiocese re allegations against this individual. Retired in 1988. Died 1/98 before completion of investigation. See Boston AD database released 8/11. Boston, MA Source:
Patriot Ledger 01.27.98; Boston Herald 12.10.02; BishopAccountability List of Boston Priests Not Previously Identified 01.19.11; Boston Channel 01.19.11; Metrowest Daily News 01.19.11; National Catholic Register 08.25.11; Salem News 08.26.11; Wicked Local Somerville 08.30.11
Assignments: Assignment Record
Verhart John   B Sued 4CA47A15-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC 1 person accused him of abuse from 1957-1958 per archdiocesan report. Named in at least 1 civil suit. Los Angeles, CA Source:
LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 7; 01.28.08; City of Angels 03.19.08
LA Times Database 4.20.06
Vessels Henry G. 1950 P Sued 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Lawsuit filed 10/02 named Vessels as an abuser. Suit said Vessels abused a 12 yr old boy in 1969-1970 in Mount Washington. Vessels would take him to pornographic movies and on one occasion forcibly sexually molested him. Vessels spent several years asteacher and administrator at church schools. Died 1980 at age 55. No other known complaints per diocese. Louisville, KY Source:
Courier-Journal 10.24.02
Assignment Record Compiled by Law Firm
Vetter Henry Xavier 1938 P Sued 6EB35977-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Accused in 1993 of abuse in early 1960s. Several other accusations later received of abuse in 1960s and early 1970s. Deceased. May have worked in Mexico after leaving archdiocese. Archdiocesan report says 7 accusers with incidents from 1953-1973. Named in at least 1 suit in 2003. Los Angeles, CA Source:
LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 6; LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum 11.15.05; 04.17.07; CityofAngels 07.05.07
LA Times Database 4.20.06
Vevik Paul 1977 P Accused 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Per 5/07 article, Vevik, still an active priest with Spokane Diocese, was named in bankruptcy claims as having "assaulted a person in a restroom of Our Lady of Lourdes Cathedral in 1978." Vevik has denied the claims and is fighting the accusations. Heremains at Mary Queen Parish in Spokane per diocesan website accessed 2/21/09 . Spokane, WA Source:
Spokesman Review 5.4.07; Spokesman Review 5.5.07
Inland Register 4.11.02
James A. 1954 P Accused 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Placed on leave 7/02 for misconduct with minors. A former altar boy filed suit on July 30, 2002. Another adult male also came forward to allege abuse as an altar boy. One of the men said he was abused in mid 1950s; the other alleged abuse in 1970s.As of 9/11/02, Child Protect. Services found no evidence to support abuse allegations but Diocese continued its investigation. Retired 2005, still without privileges.. Cleveland, OH Source:
Akron Beacon Journal 7.5.02; Plain Dealer 7.5.02; Plain Dealer 8.1.02; Plain Dealer 9.3.02; Plain Dealer 09.11.02
Assignments: Assignment Record
Carmen D. 1972 P Accused 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Credible allegation of abuse. Name first released on list of abusive priests released by Bishop Saltarelli 11/16/06. Died in 1989. Civil suit filed 10/08 alleged abuse of a 14 yr old boy, beginning in 1980s. Personnel records released 2/16/12 as part of bankruptcy process Wilmington, DE Source:
The Dialog 11.16.06; News Journal 11.17.06; WDEL 10.30.08; News Journal 10.31.08; News Journal 11.07.09; Diocese of Wilmington List of Accused Priests 02.16.12; Diocese of Wilmington Personnel Files 02.16.12
News Journal 11.16.06; BA.Org Parish Assignments of Accused Delaware Priests
Villa Gomez Gillmero Nemoria 1957 P Sued 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Accused of abuse of 1 person from 1964-1965 per archdiocesan report. Name is also spelled "Gillmero Nemorio Villagomez" in certain Official Catholic Directories. Retired. Named in a civil suit. Los Angeles, CA Source:
LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 3
LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum 11.15.05; LA Times Database 4.20.06
Villalobos Ferdinand (Fernando)   P Sued 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC 2/03 civil RICO suit alleged that Villalobos abused one youth between ages of 12-15 while at at St. Mary of the Assumption and that then-Bishop Mahony and other diocese officials covered up the incident. Another suit filed 11/03 re abuse at same parish. Plaintiff said Villalobos also attempted to abuse his brother shortly before Villalobos died 12/31/85. [Note: this may be 2 suits by same plaintiff] Name included on list of claimed abusers attached to Stockton Diocese's 5/9/14 filing in bankruptcy court. Stockton, CA Source:
Associated Press 02.07.03; SF Chronicle 02.09.03; Record 11.06.03; Record 11.15.03; Deposition of Cardional Roger Mahony 11.23.04; SNAP Statement with link to Stockton Diocese Notice of Deadline for Filing Claims in Bankruptcy Court 07.16.14; Mercury News 07.18.14
Diocese of Stockton Assignment Record, page 6
Viramontes David E. 1957 P Accused 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Name included on Gallup diocese's list of credibly accused clerics in 1/15. Gallup diocese filed for bankruptcy in 2013 after lawsuit claiming 57 victims. Viramontes assigned to Aragon NM, Flagstaff, Winslow and Holbrook AZ. Deceased. Gallup, NM Source:
Diocese of Gallup Downloaded 02.28.15; Arizona Journal 11.21.15
Diocese of Gallup Downloaded 02.28.15
William D. 1975 P Sued 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Accused of abuse in Joliet Diocese in 1980-1981. Not included on Joliet Diocese list of confirmed abusers released 4/09/06. Civil suit filed 5/06. Virtue worked in Joliet, Rockford and Peoria dioceses. Diocese settled suit as to Virtue as of 9/07. Left Joliet and was iincardinated in Peoria. Peoria is acually the diocese that removed his privileges in 2006. Canonical process still pending 4/14. Joliet Diocese agreed to release of personnel files 3/13 as part of settlement in Rudofski v Joliet & Bennett. Files finally released 4/30/14. Joliet, IL Source:
Pantagraph 02.24.06; The Herald News 04.11.06; CBS2 Chicago 05.24.06; Chicago Tribune 05.25.06; Herald News 05.25.06; Daily Herald 09.25.07; Daily Southtown (AP) 09.26.07; Diocese of Joliet List of Priests with Credible Allegations 03.12.13; My Suburban Life 03.12.13; Statement by the Bishop of the Diocese of Joliet 03.12.13; WGN 03.12.13; Chicago Tribune 04.07.13; Anderson Advocates Timeline 04.30.14; Diocese of Joliet List of Priests with Credible Allegations 04.30.14; Joliet Patch 04.30.14; SNAP Statement 04.30.14; Virtue Personnel Files from David Rudofski Archives 04.30.14; WLS 04.30.14; Daily Journal 05.01.14
Partial Assignment Record
Vita William S.   P Sued 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Accused of abuse of 1 from 1947-1953 per archdiocesan report addendum. Named in civil suit. Los Angeles, CA Source:
LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum 11.15.05
LA Times Database 4.20.06
Vogler Jean F. 1970 P Convicted 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Caught in a sting ordering hard-core child pornography for delivery to the Holy Rosary rectory, where he was pastor. Inspectors found 92 videos in a trunk in the rectory, many of them 'extremely graphic and explicit child porn.' Resigned 12/8/95; convicted and sent to prison for a year. As of 2008, Vogler was lead priest at Holy Trinity parish, director of diocese's deacon program, and member of the priests' council. Retired 9/2/11 per diocese website accessed 2/26/12. Evansville, IN Source:
South Bend Tribune 03.13.96; National Catholic Reporter 05.03.96; South Bend Tribune 06.28.96; Evansville Courier & Press 10.13.99; ABC 04.03.02; Indianapolis Star 04.04.02; NY Times 04.15.02; Beliefnet 06.01.02; Associated Press 06.10.02; Evansville Courier & Press 06.15.02; Associated Press 06.20.02
Diocese of Evansville Website 2.26.12
Emmerich 1978 P Sued 59BA3D32-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Dominican of Western Province. Former provincial. Prior of St. Albert's Priory, Chapel and Seminary in Oakland CA; Director Shrine of St. Jude in San Francisco.Taught high school in OR and in Los Angeles CA. Former pastor and prior of Holy Rosary parish in Portland OR. Accused in a 2/16 lawsuit of sexual abuse of a 10-yr-old boy altar boy in 1987. Plaintiff said he told other priests who told him he must obey Vogt. Vogt denied the abuse. The plaintiff dropped the suit in 5/17 after his brothers testified that they were altar boys with him, and that there was no abuse. Portland, OR Source:
KATU 02.26.16; KATU 03.19.16; 12 Step Review accessed 04.25.16; KRON 04.26.16; Catholic Sentinel 05.03.17
Assignments: Assignment Record
Michael 1992 P Convicted 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Charged with possession of child porn on computer. Pleaded guilty 5/05. In 12/05 he was sentenced to 15 months in prison. Scheduled to be released in early 2007. He will remain on administrative leave pending a decision by the diocesan review board and, if necessary, by Rome. Volino fought against having to register as a (low level) sex offender but court ruled 2/07 that he had to.This level is not published on list. Canonical proceedings are not complete as of 6/12. Rochester, NY Source:
Affidavit in Support of Federal Warrant; Democrat and Chronicle 3.14.05 (2nd); Rochester Democrat & Chronicle 03.10.05; WSTM 03.10.05; Democrat and Chronicle 03.14.05; Diocese of Rochester Statement 03.14.05; Democrat and Chronicle 03.15.05; Addition Statement by Archdiocese of Rochester 03.18.05; WSTM 03.19.05; Democrat and Chronicle 04.12.05; Democrat and Chronicle 05.25.05; WHEC 10.13.05; Democrat and Chronicle 12.14.05; Catholic Courier 12.24.05; Democrat and Chronicle 01.23.07
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Eugene 1978 P Sued 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Two people made accusations 3/02 and said they had previously reported abuse to diocese but nothing done. One said he reported abuse when it occurred and again in 1991. Another said he reported it in 1994. Vollmer still active until 2002. He was identified as Priest D in the 1/03 Grand Jury report. He admited to abusing at least 12 victims according to the report. Vollmer would supply wine, marijuana and porno videos. Laicized 6/16/04. Died in 2016. Rockville Centre, NY Source:
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Assignments: Assignment Record and Other Info
Vosen Gerald P. 1961 P Accused 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Accused 9/18/03 by woman at state SOL hearing of sexually abusing her brother at age 14 in early 1970s. Brother denied allegation. Vosen removed. Review board assessed at least 3 allegations and unanimously recommended 2/15/04 leave. In 5/04 Vosen sued man who alleged fondling and anal rape at age 11-12 by Vosen in 1989-91. Jury rejected defamation claim 8/4/05; found abuse claim substantiated. Church tribunal of 3 judges ruled against Vosen in 8/07. Vosen appealed to Vatican's Congregation of the Doctrine of the F.aith. CDF upheld Madison diocese's tribunal's decision, as announced 7/16/15. Madison, WI Source:
Links to Additional Articles; Capital Times 09.22.03; Wisconsin State Journal 09.24.03; Wisconsin State Journal 02.16.04; Capital Times 05.14.04; Janesville Gazette 08.02.05; Janesville Gazette 08.03.05; AP 08.04.05; Janesville Gazette 08.04.05; Baraboo News Republic 10.18.08; Diocese of Madison Official Announcement 12.06.08; Gazette 12.06.08; Baraboo News Republic 12.10.08; News Republic 12.13.08; Baraboo News Republic 09.12.09; Catholic Herald [Madison] 07.16.15
Assignments: Assignment Record
John H. 1969 P Reinstated 9A620E12-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Accused of abuse of 2 from 1973-1977 per archdiocesan report. Also worked in New York and/or Brooklyn, Trenton NJ and Portland OR diocese. Banned from working in Los Angeles archdiocese; in 2014 was found working as priest in Guam, apparently since at least 2000. Idenitrified himself as an "Australian priest of the Archdiocese of Agana in Guam, Micronesia." Guam Archdiocese Directory indicated he was incardinated in the archdiocese but assigned to Neocatechumenal Center in San Francisco, CA. Removed from active ministry 07/22/14; archdiocese admitted it knew of past allegations in 2000 when he was incarnated. As of 7/23/14, left Guam, possibly to San Francisco. Denied all allegations. SF Archdiocese withdrew privileges as of 07/21/14. Reinstatement to Agana archdiocese announced 4/15/15 after Los Angeles archdiocese reviewed case and said, since there appeared to have been no settlement and Wadeson was not convicted, Wadeson was "a priest in good standing." Los Angeles, CA Source:
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LA Times Database 4.20.06
Alphonse 1944 P Accused 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Name appears on 7/08 Diocesan Review Board list of clergy "credibly acused" of sexual abuse. Accused of abuse of two male minors beginning in 1969. Died 1974. Davenport, IA Source:
Quad-City Times 07.10.08; Hawk Eye 07.12.08
Catholic Messenger 7.17.08; Concise Assignment Record
Jerome A. 1972 P Accused 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Removed 8/02. Was on Priest Placement Board and worked in a parish. Allegations arose in 1985 that Wagner had gotten a 15 yr old boy drunk and molested him. Boy's mother confronted Wagner and went to police. He stayed in parish for 8 months during investigation before being transferred to another parish. Church said he would have no further contact with youths. Laicized after 11/26/07. Received $20K to seek laicization. In 2013, Police will receive personnel file to investigate 2001 allegation. Milwaukee, WI Source:
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Assignments: Assignment Record; Archdiocese of Milwaukee Assignment Record
John C. 1973 P Accused 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Wagner's name appears on Archdiocese's July 2004 list of priests fully restricted from ministry (or who would have been restricted if still living) because of credible allegations of abuse. He is shown as "awaiting assignment" per 1993 Catholic Directoryand "On leave" per the 2002 Directory. Remained fully restricted from ministry as of 3/3/12. Laicized Dec. 2012. Personnel files released 7/13. Milwaukee, WI Source:
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Assignments: Assignment Record; Archdiocese of Milwaukee Assignment Record
Richard 1961 P Accused 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Removed 1993 when mandated reporter learned of alleged abuse of high school girl in late 1980s. Sent for treatment and placed in restricted priory setting. Previously taught at diocesan HS and had been named principal there by Bishop Dingman. No publicallegations until Bishop Charron recommended laicization 9/19/03. Laicized 10/13/06. Des Moines, IA Source:
Channel 4000 09.19.03; Des Moines Register 09.20.03; Des Moines Register 09.20.03; Des Moines Register 09.29.03; Des Moines Register 10.01.03; Des Moines Register 07.08.04; Des Moines Register 11.16.06; Des Moines Register 11.17.06; KTIV 11.17.06; Des Moines Register 07.01.14
Des Moines Register 9.20.03
Joseph 1973 P Settled 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Abuse of boys began within 2-3 months of ordination. Two 1989 civil suits allege Wajda abused at least 2 boys. Both boys had sought counseling from Wajda, Both suits against Wajda settled out of Court in 1991, one for a "substantial" settlement. Wajda continued serving as priest in administrative capacity (including on marriage tribunal) until Bishops' conference in Dallas 6/02 when he was placed on leave. Permanently removed 2003. Denied all abuse and appealed his case to review board. Still denied all allegations in 12/13 interview. Personnel file from St Paul Archdiocese released 07/09/14. Laicization announced by archdiocese 10/1/16. St. Paul-Minneapolis, MN Source:
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Assignments: Assignment Record
Karl J.   B Accused 9B6A0833-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Served as Principal of Damien High School in Honolulu for 10 yrs and as President of Brother Rice High in Chicago for 12 yrs. Also worked in California. Appointed principal of O'Dea High School in Seattle in 2011. Took leave in 8/12 to assist in resolving Order's bankruptcy in New York. Man filed claim in the Bankruptcy case alleging that he was abused by Walczak in 1970-1971 when he was a freshman student at Br. Rice in Chicago. Walczak resigned 10/31/12. Denied abuse. Chicago, IL Source:
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Letter from Archbishop Sartain 11.12.12 (add'l article); Assignment Record
Raymond < 1968 P Accused D8DE2650-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Man filed suit 4/02 alleging that abuse by Waldruff about 34 years before (around 1968), at age 11. Waldruff reportedly only at the church for 2 months when abuse occurred. Man and his parents informed a bishop who removed Waldruff from duty and sent him for treatment. Waldruff assigned to another parish 40 miles down the road. Died 1985. In 5/16 allegations surfaced that Waldruff raped a teen boy yrs before, bribing him with alcohol, money and cars, and making him dress as a woman. Owensboro, KY Source:
Associated Press 03.28.02; Courier-Journal 06.25.02; USA Today 07.24.02; PA GJ Presentment 03.15.16; State College website 03.22.16; We Are Central 05.17.16
PA GJ Presentment 03.15.16
Harry Dean 1961 P Accused 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Walker was accused for the first time in 2010 in claim filed in Bankruptcy Court. One man alleged abuse by Walker when he was 15 yr old parishioner at St. Francis de Sales church in Salisbury MD in the 1960s. Victim advocates say other accusers are known. Walker left active ministry in 1972 but still lives in Delaware. Fighting release of personnel files 2/12. 2/12 list of accused priests shows he has been laicized. Wilmington, DE Source:
Catholic Priests of the Diocese of Wilmington: A Jubilee Year 2000 Commemoration; Diocese of Wilmington Parishes with Publicly Accused Priests; WDEL 01.13.11; Diocese of Wilmington List of Accused Priests 02.16.12; News Journal 02.19.12
Assignments: Assignment Record
Kenneth T. 1959 P Sued 4FA33B28-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Named in 2003 civil suit. Accused of abuse of at least one student at St. Francis Mission, a Jesuit boarding school. He was former administrator at the school. School's principal said that Walleman had had a mental breakdown at another school and was sent to St. Francis where he would have less stress. Per 2002 OCD, he was living in Jesuit Community at St. Camillus in Wauwatosa, WI (Milwaukee Archdiocese). Still alive as of 2014 and still living at St. Camillus Rapid City, SD Source:
Pioneer Press in Washington Post 06.02.03; Website of Jesuits, Wisconsin Province accessed 05.06.14
Assignments: Assignment Record
David E. 1960 P Accused 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Accused of 1987-1988 abuse of an adolescent brother and sister and another individual. Placed on administrative leave in 1988. Administrative leave continued 2002 with restrictions and further restrictions added 2004. Laicized 7/19/06. Died 2/21/09. Philadelphia, PA Source:
Philadelphia Grand Jury Report; Philadelphia Inquirer 09.22.05; Philadelphia Inquirer 09.25.05; Local Catholic 09.29.05
Archdiocese of Philadelphia Assignment Record
Walsh James Joseph   P Sued 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Named in (2003??) lawsuit by 1 person alleging abuse in 1967-1968. Died in 1984. Named in archdiocesan report, Errata notice # 1. Los Angeles, CA Source:
LA Archdiocesan Report Errata Notice # 1
LA Times Database 4.20.06
Walsh John J. 1940 P Settled DBD23903-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC On 12/18/03 a woman reported to the Boston archdiocese that Walsh sexually abused her twice in 1973 or 1974, when she was age 13 or 14, at Sacred Heart in Lowell MA. The archdiocese submitted the report to the MA AG and county DA. On 7/22/07 the Oblates and the archdiocese agreed to pay $60K to resolve the claim and compensate for injury. Walsh was moved often during his career, working in many dioceses. He died 4/24/81. Omitted from 2011 Boston AD database. Boston, MA Source:
Report to Boston Archdiocese and MA AG 12.18.03; Settlement 07.22.07; Boston Globe 11.20.11
Assignments: Assignment Record
Walsh Leonard Thomas 1926 P Accused 4F122942-AF88-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Died 10/15/54. In 4/12, attorney Mitchell Garabedian announced recent settlement of at least one claim regarding Walsh. Walsh was accused of sexually abusing a 9 -yr-old MA boy in 1953. Walsh also served in NY, NJ, DC and CT. Boston, MA Source:
Saint Bonaventure Faculty List 1859 to 1951/52; New York Journal-American 10.17.54; BishopAccountability 04.11.12; Boston Globe 04.11.12; Coshocton Tribune 04.11.12; SNAP Statement 04.11.12; Wicked Local Brookline 04.18.12
Assignments: Assignment Record
Martin J. 1974 P Settled 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Accusation late 1997 of abuse of 14-yr-old boy and possibly others in about 1975. Walsh denied abuse but admitted ongoing alcohol problems. Per 11/03 memo, Walsh was on permanent disability as of 2002 but had asked to return to duty. File outlines his problems from 1981 through 2003. Cardinal Law told Walsh he was restricted in 11/02, but never followed through so Walsh not really restricted. Per 8/11 Boston AD database, Review Board found accusations unsubstantiated. Died 6/07, age 58. Included on Attorney Garabedian's list 3/28/16 of accused clerics named in civil claims resulting in settlements or arbitration awards. December 2014 settlement with archdiocese re alleged abuse in 1975 at Waltham MA parish. Boston, MA Source:
McCarthy Memo 12.12.97; Murphy Memo 01.06.98; Strickland Memo 11.04.03; The Pilot 06.29.07; National Catholic Register 08.25.11; BishopAccountability 03.28.16; Boston Globe 03.28.16; Boston Globe 03.28.16; The Patch 03.28.16; The Patch 03.28.16; WBUR 03.28.16; WBUR 03.28.16; Bostoncom 03.28.18
Assignments: Assignment Record
Walsh Milton T. 1978 P Arrested 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Accused in 1984 of abuse of boy, under 14. Reported immediately to Arch. Quinn. Cardinal Levada later allowed Walsh to remain active as teacher at seminary at Menlo Park until 8/02. Criminal charges filed 10/02 but were dropped 7/03 after U.S. Supreme Court ruling. Has been on leave since 2003. San Francisco, CA Source:
Marin Independent Journal 7.2.03; NY Times 5.5.10; San Francisco Chronicle 10.05.02; Marin Independent Journal 06.10.03; San Francisco Chronicle 11.12.04; San Francisco 09.22.05; Associated Press 04.28.10; Times 04.30.10
Assignments: Assignment Record
William J 1954 P Accused 4FA33B28-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Walsh was teaching in China in 1996 when 5 of his nieces accused him of abusing them decades earlier. They reported the abuse to the Jesuit Order and Walsh was recalled. Walsh was assigned to the Woodstock Theological Center at Georgetown Univ. Women made their allegations public in 1998 because the Order had not removed. He was then placed on leave. Washington, DC Source:
Georgetown Voice 04.23.98; Washington Post 12.02.10
Assignments: Assignment Record
Walsh William M. 1971 P Accused 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC "Third-hand" allegation investigated in 1980; not substantiated. Second investigation in 1991. At least two letters sent to Archdiocese after 1/01 contained allegations but no formal complaints. Review board found in 2003 that anonymous accusations were not cause to suspend. Personnel file released 1/04. In late 2003 or early 2004 a person came forward with specific allegations; placed on leave pending further investigation. One case settled 2007. Voluntary laicization announced 7/19/11. Boston, MA Source:
Boston Herald 01.15.04; Associated Press 01.31.04; Boston Herald 02.01.04; The Pilot 02.06.04; Archdiocese of Boston 09.17.04; Patriot Ledger 07.19.11; Boston Channel 07.20.11; Salem News 07.20.11; National Catholic Register 08.25.11; Salem News 08.26.11; The Patch 09.01.11; Jamaica Plain Gazette 09.09.11
Assignments: Assignment Record
Charles W. 1974 P Accused 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Name on Archdiocese's July 2004 list of priests fully restricted from ministry (or who would have been restricted if still living) because of credible allegations of abuse. Last assignment was at St. Francis Cabrini Parish (West Bend) from 1987-1993. Settlement paid to survivor 1993. Was "on leave" from 1993-1994 and on "sick leave" from 1994 to 1999. Retired in 1999. Worked as supply priest. Privileges restricted 2002. Remains fully restricted from ministry per 3/3/12 statement. Milwaukee, WI Source:
Statement by Archdiocese of Milwaukee 07.09.04; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 07.10.04; Statement by Archdiocese of Milwaukee (rev) 01.26.07; Archdiocese of Milaukee List of Clergy Offenders 03.03.12; Brookfield Patch 07.03.13
Assignments: Assignment Record; Archdiocese of Milwaukee Assignment Record
Bernard (Bernie) 1977 P Convicted AC9E2D34-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Ward, a former priest and current radio talk show host, was indicted on federal internet child porn charges 12/07. His attorney reports that charges relate back to events 3-4 yrs ago when Ward was researching a book. Left priesthood in 1979 or 1980. He reportedly emailed child porn pictures to a woman who immediately turned him over to police & FBI. Originally pled not guilty. In 5/08 he pled guilty to 1 count. 5/08 articles allege abuse when he was still priest. Sentenced 8/08 to 7+ yrs. San Francisco, CA Source:
KCBS 12.06.07; KGO 12.06.07; San Francisco Chronicle 12.06.07; San Jose Mercury News (AP) 12.06.07; TransWorldNews 12.06.07; San Francisco Chronicle 12.07.07; NBC 11 01.24.08; SFist 02.14.08; Huffington Post 02.15.08; SF Chronicle 02.16.08; CBS 5 04.28.08; NBC 11 05.07.08; San Jose Mercury News 05.07.08; KGO 05.08.08; NBC 11 05.08.08
San Francisco Chronicle 5.09.08 (add'l article); ABC News 5.09.08 (add'l article); Press Democrat 5.10.08 (add'l article); KGO 5.15.08 (add'l article); San Jose Mercury News 8.28.08 (add'l article); Assignment Record
Robert A. 1974 P Accused 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Archdiocese knew in 1995 that Ward used cocaine and had been treated for drug abuse. Computer technician found child porn on his computer 6/99. Evaluated and placed on leave; reassigned to archdiocese development office 1/01. Man came forward 2/02 to allege abuse when an altar boy in mid-1970s; Ward suspended. Voluntary laicization in 2004 announced 2005. Living in Pembroke, MA as of 10/08. Boston AD database in 8/11 says case concluded canonically. Boston, MA Source:
Boston Globe 02.08.02; Boston Herald 02.08.02; Boston Herald 12.02.02; Boston Globe 12.12.02; Boston Globe 03.05.03; Boston Herald 02.12.05; Patriot Ledger 10.20.08; National Catholic Register 08.25.11; Wicked Local Somerville 08.30.11
Boston Archdiocesan Assignment Record; Residence Change
Ward Thomas J. 1962 P Sued 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Ward was suspended in 1993 or early 1994 and then reinstated 9 mo. later. When he was reassigned in 1994, the Bishop wrote to parishioners that Ward's evaluation "gave no reason to believe that the allegations might be true." 1994 civil suit alleged Ward abused one youth for 10 yrs beginning when the boy was 14. Suit settled 1999 for $20K. He "retired" in 1996 but continued to be active on part-time basis. Claims settled 8/08 as part of $10M settlement re 12 priests. Kansas City-St. Joseph, MO Source:
Kansas City Star 09.01.94; Kansas City Star 09.14.94; Kansas City Star 10.14.94; Kansas City Star 03.06.96; Kansas City Star 08.20.97; Kansas City Star 04.13.02; The Pitch 10.16.03; Kansas City Star 08.20.08; Kansas City Star 08.20.08; SNAP Statement 05.29.12
Assignments: Assignment Record
John F. 1970 P Accused 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Bishop Murry removed Warner from his assignment as pastor of Saints Philip and James Parish in Canal Fulton in 10/11 after allegations of sexual misconduct with a minor more than 30 yrs previously. Warner was assigned to Saint Edward Parish in Youngstown at the time. Diocese review board has found allegation credible but Warner has denied the allegations. In 2013, Diocese said he was living in another state under supervision. Youngstown, OH Source:
WKBN 10.09.11; Beacon Journal 10.10.11; IndeOnline 10.10.11; SNAP Statement 10.10.11; The Vindicator 10.10.11; Tribune Chronicle 10.10.11; WKBN 10.10.11; WYTV 10.10.11; The Vindicator 10.11.11; Tribune Chronicle 10.11.11; Youngstown Vindicator 01.25.13; Ohio--SNAP Press Release 08.29.13; SNAP Letter to Bishop Murry 08.29.13; WKBN 08.29.13; Tribune Chronicle 08.30.13
Assignments: Assignment Record
Warren A. Thomas 1966 P Accused 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Accused of abuse of 5 in 1991 per archdiocesan report. Warren's name has also been added to list of abusive priests affilited with Diocese of Tucson per June 2004 article. Article says Warren died in 2001. Tucson says no known victims there. Los Angeles, CA Source:
LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 3; Arizona Daily Star 07.10.04
LA Times Database 4.20.06; Diocese of Tucson List of Accused Priests from Website n.d.
Chester John "Chet" 1957 P Settled 8A30DB22-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Accused of abusing more than 10 girls, in what Bishop Blair in 2005 called "grievously sinful and criminal acts." Ritual abuse alleged. Settlements exceed $1.2M. Expelled from order in 1993. Barred from a parish and school by court order in 8/06 after families complained that he was showing up at all hours, sometimes in clerical garb, despite agreement to attend at only certain hours. Toledo, OH Source:
Toledo Blade 12.01.02; Toledo Blade 12.01.02; Toledo City Paper 04.29.04; Toledo Blade 02.20.05; Toledo Blade 03.14.05; Toledo Blade 08.29.06; Toledo Blade 09.01.06; Docese of Toledo Status Report 04.08.08; National Catholic Reporter 09.25.17
Assignments: Assignment Record
Freddy 1992 P Arrested F1C21158-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Pastor of St. Mark the Evangeist parish in Harlem in the NY archdiocese when arrested 6/17 for sexual abuse in 1982-84 of two boys, ages 10 and 11-14, at St. Patrick's church in Charleston. Washington was a lay person and volunteer at the time. The boys were in training to be altar servers. Abuse said to have included fondling and oral copulation. Charleston diocese learned of allegations 2/16 and contacted Rockville Centre diocese. Charleston diocese reported to Charleston police in 9/16. Former pastor of two Chicago parishes, and listed on Xavier Univ. in New Orleans website in 6/17 as associate prof. of pastoral theology. Charleston, SC Source:
ABC News 4 06.01.17; Live 5 News 06.01.17; Post and Courier 06.01.17; Fox 57 06.02.17
Multicultural Diversity of Diocese of Rockville Center
Weber David C. 1977 P Accused 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Weber, a member of Bishop Pilla's "inner circle" was placed on leave in 4/02 because of past allegations that he sexually abused a 16 year old boy. His name was not released on public list until diocese was pressured by the press. He was one of severalpriests who asked a judge to block diocese from turning over past medical records to the prosecutor's office. Charges against Weber were investigated by a grand jury in 2002. Case has been sent to the Vatican for consideration as of 6/07. Cleveland, OH Source:
Plain Dealer 5.5.02; Plain Dealer 04.12.02; Plain Dealer 04.26.02; Diocese of Cleveland Statement 06.14.07
Assignments: Assignment Record
Weber Francis J. 1941 P Accused 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Accused of abuse of 2 in 1959 per archdiocesan report. Died 1989. (DOB: 2/11/14). Los Angeles, CA Source:
LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 3
LA Times Database 4.20.06
Weger Justin K. 1952 P Accused B8EDBA20-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Served in MN from 1953 to 1972, in IN from 1973 to 1974 and in Phoenix and Tucson until 1976. Removed from ministry without faculties 1976. Director of Tribal Lodge 1977-2002. Weger and 7 other Crosiers were removed 10/02 for past abuse of minors. Per summary report of 2002 Third Party Investigation of Crosier order, Weger, who was retired and living in Phoenix, would be living under restriction at a long-term care senior housing facility. Died 01/15/05. Name first appeared on Archdiocese of St. Paul list 05/22/14 St. Cloud, MN Source:
Crosier Fathers & Brothers Newsletter, Spring 2005; Arizona Republic 10.10.02; Star Tribune 10.10.02; Arizona Republic 11.10.02; Crosier Province Updated List of Religious Involved in Sexual Abuse of Minors 03.08.14; St Cloud Times 03.09.14; KSTP 03.14.14; Legal Examiner 03.14.14; St Cloud Times 03.14.14; Gallup Independent 03.17.14; Pioneer Press 05.22.14; Statement by Archdiocese of St Paul 05.22.14; Gallup Independent 06.06.17
Assignment Record Released by Crosier Order 03.08.14; Assignment Record from Archdiocese of St Paul 05.22.14
Mark H. 2003 P Reinstated 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Removed from St. Boniface in Minneapolis 12/13 after review of personnel file by outside agency found references to several inappropriate incidents with minors. Some of these previously reported to police; no criminal charges filed. Remaining incidents reported to authorities. Also served as part-time chaplain at Fairview Univ. Hospital and chaplain for Chisago County Jail facility. On 6/24/16 Archbishop announced Wehmann's return to public ministry, as recommended by the Ministerial Review Board. He referred to Wehmann's "immature behavior toward kids and adults" and said he had had professional counseling and spiritual direction. St. Paul-Minneapolis, MN Source:
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Assignments: Assignment Record
Curtis Carl 2001 P Convicted 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC DWI conviction 2009. Also tried to pick up teen boys. Sentenced to 90 days jail; served 4 days & two years supervised probation. Removed 6/12 from Blessed Sacrament in St. Paul after complaint of misconduct with 2 minors. Arrested 6/22/12 on charges of sexual assault. One youth told police abuse was over two years. Criminal charges filed 9/12. Child porn charges filed 10/12. Pled guilty 11/8/12. Permanently removed 11/12. Sentenced to 5 yrs prison 2/1/13. New lawsuit 1/30/14. Information from personnel file released 3/31/14. Charged 11/14 with sexual assault in WI. Laicized 3/15. County criminally charged archdiocese 6/5/15 for failing to protect children in Wehmeyer's abuse of 3 minors. Civil motion filed also; settled 12/15. Charges dropped vs archd 7/16 in settlement agreement. Archd admitted wrongdoing. St. Paul-Minneapolis, MN Source:
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Assignments: Assignment Record
Wehrle William C. 1950 P Accused 4FA33B28-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Archdiocesan files show Wehrle was accused of sexual abuse in Baltimore in the mid-1980s and removed from his parish. Wehrle worked in Baltimore from 1982-1985. He was in Pittsburgh Diocese per the 1988, 1990 and 1995 Catholic Directories. Also worked in MD. He died 8/25/95. Name was on Baltimore's 9/02 list of accused priests and religious. Baltimore, MD Source:
FindAGrave 08.25.95; Archdiocese of Baltimore List 09.25.02; SNAP Media Statement 05.16.14
Assignments: Assignment Record
Joseph 1966 P Sued 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Accused in 2005 of abuse of 2 boys in 70s & 80s at Morning Star Boys Ranch. Resigned as head of Ranch in 4/06. Denied all the allegations. Reportedly took a lie detector test and passed. 19 plaintiffs allege abuse by Weitensteiner, Marvin Lavoy and others at the Ranch. In 11/09 Ranch transferred bulk of assets to nonprofit Morning Star Foundation. Jury decided in favor of Defendant 2/11/10. Some plaintiffs rec'd settlement from Diocese earlier. 2nd trial set for 6/10. Settlements 5/12. Spokane, WA Source:
Spokesman Review 1.3.10; Spokesman Review 5.5.07; Spokesman-Review 1.4.07; Spokesman-Review 7.2.05; Spokesman-Review 7.8.05; Spokesman-Review 06.26.05; Spokesman-Review 06.28.05; Seattle Post-Intelligencer (AP) 08.25.05; Spokesman-Review 10.27.05; Seattle Post-Intelligencer (AP) 04.21.06; Inland Register 04.27.06; National Catholic Reporter 11.10.06; Seattle Post-Intelligencer 02.15.08; Seattle Times 07.30.08; Spokesman Review 11.19.09
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Weitz Wilfred 1936 P Sued 42C6FE9C-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Accused of abuse of 1 from 1959-1961 per archdiocesan report. Died 1991. Named in at least 1 lawsuit. Los Angeles, CA Source:
LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 6; LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum 11.15.05
LA Times Database 4.20.06
Weldon (Bp)
Christopher J. 1929 P Sued 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Served as Bishop of Springfield from 1950-1977. Accused of having knowledge of many abusers in Diocese. Died in 1982. Sued in 2005. Accused of abuse of one boy from age 11-16. Plaintiff was abused by his uncle (Msgr. Page), several other priests, Bp.Weldon and another Bishop. Plaintiff was in a Texas prison for an unrelated murder when suit filed. Diocese stated that it "found no basis of credibility to the claims." Claim NOT settled in 11/08 settlement. Springfield, MA Source:
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Assignments: Assignment Record
Joseph L. 1968 P Accused 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Per docs released in 9/02, officials were warned in 1995(3?) and again in 2001 that Welsh had abused children in two parishes. He was nonetheless promoted in 1997. One woman complained in 1993 that Welsh had raped her son. Another mom wrote to the archdiocese in 2001. Removed 2/02 and resigned 3/02 "as requested" after three brothers complained of abuse over 20-yr period. Welsh was in seminary with five other known abusers. Last known to be living in Carver, MA. Assigned to life of prayer and penance 2004. Boston, MA Source:
Boston Globe 02.20.02; Patriot Ledger 02.20.02; Patriot Ledger 02.21.02; Boston Herald 03.03.02; Boston Globe 09.13.02; Patriot Ledger 12.19.02; Patriot Ledger 10.20.08; National Catholic Register 08.25.11
Boston Archdiocesan Assignment Record
Richard J. 1952 P Accused 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Welsh is shown on the Davenport Diocese's Creditors Committee website (in 2007) as having credible allegations against him. Name appears on 7/08 Diocesan Review Board list of clergy "credibly acused" of sexual abuse. Accused of abuse of 6 male minors,beginning in 1962. Died 1971. Davenport, IA Source:
Davenport Diocese Creditors Committee Website 08.27.07; Quad-City Times 07.10.08; Hawk Eye 07.12.08; Quad-City Times 07.23.08
Catholic Messenger 7.17.08; Concise Assignment Record
Michael Edwin 1966 P Convicted 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Accused of abuse of 13 from 1972-1995 per Archdiocese. Sued several times in 2002-2003. Original criminal charges dropped due to CA Sup Ct ruling. Re-arrested 2003. Convicted 1 count 2006. Sentenced to 3 yrs prison 5/06. Included in 12/06 $60M settleme Los Angeles, CA Source:
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Wendling Louis E. 1939 P Accused 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC One claim against Wendling is included in March 2008 $4.7M settlement with Dubuque re claims against 9 priests. One woman claimed she was abused by Wendling in 1947. Diocesan review board and Abp. Hanus decided allegation had not been substantiated. Died 9/25/69. At least one more claim included in 8/13 $5.2M out-of-court settlement involving 10 priests and 26 victims. Dubuque, IA Source:
G;pbe Gazette 04.10.08; KCRG 04.10.08; Telegraph Herald 04.11.08; Dyersville Commercial 08.28.13; WCF Courier 08.28.13
Archdiocese of Dubuque - Table of Accused Priests and Assignment Records 08.01.13
Wendt Pirmin (George) 1924 P Accused 42C6FE9C-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Wendt is one of 10 individuals included in 3/11 settlement by St. John's Abbey of Collegeville. All of the accused taught at St. John's Preparatory School or were assigned to parishes in St. Cloud. Died 8/15/82. As part of settlement, the Abbey to release the names of 17 individuals with credible allegations against them. Name is included on list released by Abbey 12/9/13 of those monks likely to have offended against minors.Name added 11/3/17 to St. Paul Minneapolis archdiocese list of "priests and religious brothers who have served or spent time in the archdiocese and have substantiated claims of sexual abuse of a minor against them." St. Cloud, MN Source:
Behind the Pine Curtain accessed 03.29.11; Star Tribune 03.29.11; Star Tribune 03.30.11; St Cloud Times 04.01.11; Star Tribune 12.08.13; KARE 11 12.09.13; Pioneer Press 12.09.13; St Cloud Times 12.09.13; St John's Abbey Official Statement 12.09.13; Star Tribune 12.09.13; Archdiocese of St Paul and Minneapolis Statement 11.03.17; Catholic Spirit 11.03.17; Star Tribune 11.04.17
Archdicoese of St Paul and Minneapolis Assignment Record
Laurin J. 1973 P Accused 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Removed from St. Mary's Visitation Catholic Church in Elm Grove 2/11 after new allegation that he sexually molested a minor in 1970s. Wenig has denied all allegations in letter to parishioners. No criminal charges will be filed due to SOL. Archdiocese is conducting its own investigation. Other accusers came forward. Wenig has denied. Matter has been sent to Vatican for review. Milwaukee, WI Source:
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 02.26.11; Fox 6 02.27.11; Today's TMJ 02.27.11; Voice from the Desert 02.28.11; WISN 02.28.11; WISN 03.02.11; WTMJ 03.29.11; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 03.30.11; CBS 58 03.14.12; SNAP Wisconsin Statement 03.17.12; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 05.10.12; SNAP Wisconsin 01.27.13; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 01.29.13; LaCrosse Tribune 07.15.13
Assignments: Assignment Record
Lawrence P.   P Accused 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Accused of fondling several boys in mid-1960s at Sacred Heart School and Church in Luzerne . One accuser says he cannot believe that diocese did not know of Weniger's behavior. Weniger died in 1972. Then-Bishop Timlin admitted in 2002 that several allegations had been received after Weniger's death. Scranton, PA Source:
Wilkes Barre Times Leader 7.9.06; Wilkes Barre Times Leader 07.30.06
Times Leader 7.9.06
Wernet Carl < 1953 P Sued 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC In 1992 a woman came forward to allege abuse as a child by Wernet. Her father had confronted Wernet and he admitted abuse. Diocese denied everything. She tacked up posters and 7 other women came forward. The 8 women filed suit in 9/03 alleging abuse between 1953-1967. Suit dismissed 2/97 on limitations issue. 21 more women (and men) came forward to allege abuse. Wernet's personnel filed destroyed when he died in 1980. At least one parent had complained to Diocese earlier. Cleveland, OH Source:
Plain Dealer 2.6.97; Plain Dealer 9.4.93; Plain Dealer 11.01.92; Plain Dealer 07.26.95; Cleveland Plain Dealer 03.11.02; CBS 60 Minutes 06.12.02; Plain Dealer 06.16.02
Assignments: Assignment Record
David F. 1963 P Accused 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Archdiocese announced in 12/15 a credible allegation of sexual abuse of a male minor in the 1970s by West, who died in 2004 at age 65. Per the announcement West served in about 20 parishes. Detroit, MI Source:
Archdiocese of Detroit 12.03.15; Detroit Free Press 12.07.15; 13 ABC 12.08.15; CBS Detroit 12.08.15; Deadline Detroit 12.08.15; MLive 12.08.15
Assignments: Assignment Record
Michael Howard 1973 P Accused 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Newly identified as abuser in Chicago Archdiocesan Report of 3/23/06. Resigned 9/93. Laicized 10/09. Personnel file released 01/14 shows he was working in Chicago in 1970s when at least one allegation received; no action by Archdiocese. In 2003, Review Board found allegations credible. Later worked as chaplain for Western Michigan University and Kalamazoo Valley College. Chicago, IL Source:
Chicago Archdiocesan Report, page 3 03.20.06; Chicago Sun-Times 03.21.06; Chicago Tribune 03.21.06; Chicago Archdiocese Report 01.14.10; Chicago Archdiocese Report of Priests with substantiated allegations accessed 10.04.10; Personnel File Released 01.21.14; Wood TV 01.21.14; Newschannel 3 01.22.14
Assignments: Assignment Record
Stephen (Steve) 1969 P Sued 4CA47A15-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Editor of Salesian Bulletin in 1997. Civll suit filed 2003 by man alleging abuse by Whelan when he was a student at Salesian High School 1969-early 1970s. Still active as of 8/05. Civil trial started 7/7/06. On 7/19/06 jury awarded plaintiff $600K. Whelan was removed from his position after the verdict and resided at the provincial house. CA Appeals Court upheld verdict 8/08. Finally removed from ministry. Oakland, CA Source:
Contra Costa Times 4.1.08; Contra Costa Times 7.8.06; San Jose Mercury News 4.1.08; SF Weekly 1.5.06; ABC 7, 03.23.05; San Francisco 09.22.05; West County Times 07.11.06; Contra Costa Times 07.12.06; ABC30 07.19.06; Contra Costa Times 07.24.06; Renew America 12.01.06; San Francisco Weekly 08.15.07; City of Angels 03.19.08; Renew America 08.26.08; Huffington Post 11.04.10
Bay Citizen 4.23.11 (add'l article); Joey Piscitelli Blog 7.1.12 (add'l article)
Whelan (Whalen) Donald J. 1957 P Sued 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Accused in a 2/26/04 lawsuit of sexually abusing a boy in 1964-65, beginning when the boy was age 12. The abuse allegedly occurred in the rectory of St. John Vianney in the Bronx and on overnight beach trips, and included anal penetration. The suit misspells the priest's name as Whalen. Whelan died prior to 2004, possibly in 1988. New York, NY Source:
Complaint 02.26.04; Newsday 02.28.04
Assignments: Assignment Record
Harold Robert 1960 P Sued 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Sued in 2005 & 2006. At least 29 men and women have filed suits alleging abused by White when they were young teenagers. Archdiocese allegedly knew about White's behavior as early as 1960s but continued to move him. White worked in 11 parishes over 33 years, was out of active ministry since 1993 and was laicized by Vatican in 2004. Died 11/14/06 in Cancun, Mexico. Not deposed prior to death. 10 suits settled 1/07. Others settled 7/08. Three more filed 7/08. Denver, CO Source:
Denver Post 07.26.05; Denver Post 08.01.05; Aspen Times 08.04.05; Denver Post 08.18.05; Denver Post 08.24.05; Rocky Mountain News 09.08.05; Denver Post 09.21.05; CBS 4 01.19.06; Denver Post 02.04.06; Denver Post 05.28.06; Rocky Mountain News 06.01.06; Denver Post 11.02.06; Denver Post 11.14.06; Denver Post 11.16.06; Rocky Mountain News 11.17.06
Catholic News Agency 7.1.08 (add'l article); Denver Post 7.2.08 (add'l article); Rocky Mountain News 7.2.08 (add'l article); Denver Post 7.3.08 (add'l article); Documents; Assignment Record
White John J. "Jack" 1957 P Accused 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Close friend, business partner, traveling companion and associate of Paul Shanley. Both White and Shanley were accused 9/03 of abuse of same boy in 1970s. White moved to Thailand in 2002 and died in 2004. 8/11 Boston AD database reports no formal determination of guilt either because he died prior to canonical or criminal investigation or it was not complete at his death. Boston, MA Source:
Boston Herald 5.7.02; NY Times 04.10.02; Boston Globe 02.25.04; National Catholic Register 08.25.11
Assignments: Assignment Record
Louis Paul 1975 P Accused 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Man told Archdiocese in 2008 that White and 2 other priests had molested him as a minor at San Fernando Cathedral between 1978-1982. White left ministry in 1988 and was laicized in 1989. In 2009 Archdiocese told public of the allegation against Whilte and of previous allegations that had been "handled" at that time. One man filed civil suit 11/18/10 re 1976-1977 abuse. Case with Archdiocese settled 1/7/13 just before trial. A separate Default Judgment for $181M taken against White who represented himself but did not show for the trial.. San Antonio, TX Source:
Statement by Archdiocese of San Antonio 03.08.09; KSAT 03.09.09; WOAI 03.09.09; Houston Chronicle 03.10.09; San Antonio Express News 03.10.09; WOAI 03.13.09; San Antonio Express News 11.19.10; San Antonio Express News 06.17.12; San Antonio Express News 06.18.12; San Antonio Express News 01.08.13; My Fox Austin 01.09.13
Archdiocese of San Antonio Updated Assignment Record
Paul David 1961 P Settled 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Placed on leave in 1972 after choosing to remove himself from parish life in 1970 and to teach in a public school in Haverhill, MA. Allegations first received by former altar boy in 1996 who filed suit 6/98 alleging abuse by White from 1964-1971 at Sacred Heart in Bradford, MA. Suit later settled. White still teaching after information released 1/02 but lost job as religious education teacher at a local parish. "Voluntary" laicization announced 6/10/05. Boston AD database in 8/11 says case concluded canonically. Boston, MA Source:
Boston Globe 06.11.98; Boston Globe 01.28.02; Boston Herald 12.17.02; Eagle-Tribune 12.30.02; Boston Globe 06.10.05; Lowell Sun 06.10.05; National Catholic Register 08.25.11
Boston Archdiocesan Assignment Record; Another RCAB Assignment Record
William T. 1958 P Settled 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Man told archdiocese in 1997 he had been abused by White for 3 years in 1970s , beginning when he was high school student. Accuser settled with archdiocese in 1998 for $100K. White was working in Palm Beach, Florida when accusations made. He was allowed to continue working after evaluation until 2002 when he was removed from teaching position at St. Vincent de Paul Regional Seminary in Boynton Beach, FL. Also named in 2/26/04 civil suit by man who alleged abuse be 1959-1961 at Holy Cross Parish, when the man was ages 9-11. New York, NY Source:
Journal News 04.03.02; NY Post 04.12.02; Dallas Morning News 06.12.02; Perez et al v Parrakow, et al, Supreme Court of NY, County of NY, 02.26.04; Palm Beach Post 02.28.04; Sun-Sentinel 04.24.06
Assignments: Assignment Record
John J. 1967 P Settled 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Accused in 1991 suit of abusing David Clohessy 1969-73 from about age 12. Abuse included touching the boy's genitals and lying on top of him during trips, some of them out-of-state. Allegedly abused others including Clohessy's brother Kevin, later a priest and himself accused of abuse. College chaplain from 1983; Army reserve chaplain by 1990; chancery job 1991; resigned and disappeared 1992. Case dismissed 1992 after MO Supreme Court decision on new SOL law. Reportedly went on to be a flight attendant. Last known to be living in Naples FL, possibly moved to Miami area. Diocese gave David Clohessy $40,000 settlement 8/19/15. Clohessy asked the diocese to post names of proven, admitted and credibly accused child molesting clerics on parish websites and to warn FL Catholics about Whiteley; the diocese did not meet that request. Jefferson City, MO Source:
Columbia Missourian 09.07.90; Rolla Daily News 08.02.91; Columbia Missourian 08.04.91; Columbia Daily Tribune 08.06.91; Columbia Daily Tribune 09.06.91; Columbia Missourian 09.06.91; Columbia Daily Tribune 09.12.91; Columbia Daily Tribune 09.19.91; Columbia Missourian 02.09.92; Columbia Daily Tribune 02.15.92; Columbia Missourian 02.17.92; Post-Dispatch 04.08.02; NY Times 05.12.02; Post-Dispatch 05.12.02; The Pitch 10.16.03; Naples Daily News 09.03.15; SNAP Statement 09.03.15; Moberly Monitor-Index 09.11.15; Seattle Weekly 02.23.16
Journal of Religion & Abuse 6.2 2004 (add'l article); Assignment Record
Whitten Carlton E. 1961 P Accused 4FA33B28-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Placed on leave 12/07 and moved from his residence at Bellarmine College Preparatory (San Jose) to Sacred Heart, the Jesuit center in Los Gatos while his order investigated "an alleged recent incident of improper touching involving a 17 yr old youth while on a pastoral assignment" in White Salmon, WA. Whitten is semi-retired and often filled in along the western coast states for priests on vacation or leave. Adult porn was also found on computer that Whitten used. Still living at Sacred Heart Jesuit Center in Los Gatos as of 2012 Catholic Directory. Yakima, WA Source:
San Jose Mercury News 12.21.07; San Jose Mercury News 12.22.07; Yakima Herald-Republic 12.22.07; White Salmon 01.02.08; Good Jesuit, Bad Jesuit 11.12.09
Assignments: Assignment Record
Siegfried Francis 1967 P Indicted 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Arrested and convicted 1973 for sexual perversion w/ 11-yr-old boy. Other charges dropped. Sent to Orange, CA; they knew of his behavior. Indicted 2002 on 33 felony accounts. Committed suicide in Mexico in 2003. 9 Civil suits filed in CA and 3 in WI. WI cases dismissed on SOL; upheld by Court of Appeals 8/06. Milwaukee settled with 9 CA Plaintiffs for $16.65M 9/01/06. Church knew of history from ordination. Another CA case settled w/ Milwaukee 3/09. Personnel file released 7/13. Milwaukee, WI Source:
Collection of Articles prior to 03.01.07; Pioneer Press 07.11.07; Statement by Archbishop of Milwaukee 02.01.08; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 03.03.09; Journal Sentinel 10.13.10; Archdiocese of Milwaukee List of Clergy Offenders 03.03.12; Chicago Tribune 03.11.12; Orange County Weekly 03.18.13; Port Washington Saukville Patch 07.03.13; ABC News (AP) 07.05.13; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 07.20.13; LAist 11.02.17
Assignments: Assignment Record; Orange County Weekly 03.04.05; Archdiocese of Milwaukee Assignment Record
William F. 1955 P Sued 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Accusations of abuse made to Church in 1970s-1980s. Retired 1991. Several suits pending. Some claims settled in Davenport's 2004 settlement. One mediated to $180K settlement. Bishop ordered him to Vianney Renewal center in 2002 but he left 2004. Refused to return. Laicized 5/06. 12 more plaintiffs filed suit 5/06. Also worked in Jackson MS diocese. Died 9/06. Diocese acknowledged total of 29 accusers. Davenport, IA Source:
Quad-City Times 04.02.04; Des Moines Register 07.08.04; Post Dispatch 09.19.04; Des Moines Register 09.21.04; Des Mointes Register 07.26.05; Press Citizen (AP) 05.12.06; St Louis Post Dispatch 05.13.06; Courier 05.23.06; Gazette (AP) 10.04.06; Post Dispatch 10.04.06; Des Moines Register 10.12.06; Quad-City Times 10.15.06; Quad-City Times 11.12.06; Quad-City Times 11.26.06; Quad-City Times 04.08.07; SNAP 03.09.16
Iowa City Press-Citizen 2.11.08 (add'l article); Quad-City Times 7.10.08 (add'l article); Quad-City Times 7.18.08 (add'l article); Concise Assignment Record; Assignment Record; Catholic Messenger 7.17.08
Sylwester 1996 P Accused 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Accused of abuse of 13 yr old girl in 2000. In treatment in 1999 and on leave by 2000. Laicized in 2002. Testimony in 2012 trial of Msgr. Lynn shows he had attraction to women, particularly married women and that the girl he admitted (to Msgr. Lynn) abusing was daughter of one woman he had affair with. Msgr. Lynn admitted at trial that he did not report to police or attempt to learn identity of the girl because he doubted the credibility of the woman who first told him about Wiejata. Philadelphia, PA Source:
NCR Today 5.1.12; Philadelphia Grand Jury Report; Philadelphia Inquirer 5.1.12; Philadelphia Priest Abuse Trial Blog 5.2.12
Philadelphia Archdiocesan Priest Data Profile; Archdiocese of Philadelphia Assignment Record (Rev)
Charles W. 1985 P Sued 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Name on list of abusive priests released by Bp Saltarelli on 11/16/06. Removed from ministry 2003; lives in Norwood, PA. Civil suit filed by one woman 6/09 alleged abuse in 1986 at St. Mark's high school. Suit dismissed 5/10 by court for failure to timely serve Wiggins. Diocese was paying cash payments to Wiggins until 11/09 but still wants to continue health benefits pending resolution of Bankruptcy. Won argument to block release of personnel file. Wilmington, DE Source:
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News Journal 11.16.06
Henry 1976 P Accused 47A15D80-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Accused of a 5 yr affair in IL with a woman beginning early 1980s. Another woman came forward during that time to allege a long relationship with him when she was in high school. Order sent him to Paraclete for 7 mo. Original woman gave birth to his son after his return. She received support from Order over the years but made matter public 10/09 because the 22 yr old son had terminal cancer and mom also had cancer. Diocese placed him on leave pending investigation. Son died 12/09. Superior, WI Source:
NY Times 10.15.09; Duluth News Tribune 10.16.09; Associated Press 10.17.09; Duluth News Tribune 10.17.09; NY Times 10.17.09; River Front Times 10.19.09; KTVI 10.20.09; KSDK 10.23.09; St Louis Post-Dispatch 10.23.09; Herald-Whig 11.04.09; NY Times 11.29.09; Bona Venture 12.07.09; The Times (UK) 04.17.10; Quincy News 07.01.10; Berger's Beat 07.29.10; Wisconsin Public Radio 12.21.15; SNAP 12.31.15
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J. Kendrick 1963 P Accused 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Resigned 2002 after accusations by 3 altar boys that he abused them while part of Louisville Archdiocese. Accused of abuse of another altar boy while at Covington diocese. He was serving as Bishop in Lexington at time of resignation. Archdiocese later settled with the three men as part of a $25.7 million settlement with 243 plaintiffs. No criminal charges ever filed. He is not in public ministry. Louisville, KY Source:
Louisville Courier Journal 05.22.02; Lexington Herald Leader 05.23.02; Louisville Courier Journal 05.23.02; Lexington Herald Leader 06.01.02; Lexington Herald Leader 06.07.02; Lexington Herald Leader 06.12.02; Louisville Courier Journal 06.12.02; Louisville Courier Journal 06.12.02; Louisville Courier Journal 06.12.02; Associated Press 06.25.02; Courier Journal 09.29.02; Louisville Courier Journal 09.29.02; Lexington Herald Leader 12.12.02; Associated Press 06.17.03; Freedom from Religion Foundation 10.07.04
Assignments: Assignment Record; Assignment Record Compiled by Law Firm
Joseph N. 1969 P Convicted 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Williams, who left the priesthood in late 1970s and later became an attorney, was sentenced to life in prison w/o parole 12/30/08 on charges he raped an 8-yr-old boy in 1992. Rape occurred at a nursing home where boy had gone to visit family. While a priest, Williams also served as chaplain at Lorain Catholic High School. Williams also sexually molested a 12-yr- old boy for 3 yrs beginning in 1984. At trial Williams admitted to "sexual trysts" with other men and that some were with children. Lost appeal in 5/16. Cleveland, OH Source:
Cleveland com; Plain Dealer 12.30.08; Plain Dealer 12.30.08; Chronicle-Telegram 12.31.08; Beacon Journal 05.13.16
Assignments: Assignment Record
Ronald R. 1979 P Accused 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Accused in 6/02 of getting a male minor drunk and attempting to perform oral sex on the boy. Williams was suspended and, investigative files reveal, two other men then came forward to the prosecutor. One alleged similar abuse in 1979 at age 16. The other alleged Williams fondled his bottom at age 17 in 1984. No charges filed because SOL expired. Vatican permanently barred from active ministry per 4/20/07 announcement. Died 7/6/10. Detroit, MI Source:
Detroit Free Press 9.9.02; Detroit News 9.9.02; Detroit Free Press 10.19.02; Detroit Free Press 04.20.07; WOOD 04.20.07; Oakland Press 04.21.07; Archdiocese of Detroit News Release 07.12.10; SNAP Statement 07.13.10; Detriot Free Press 11.14.10
Archdiocese of Detroit Press Release 9.08.02
Alfred   P Sued 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Sued 2003. Accused of abuse in 1970s. 1 suit settled 2004 for $170K. At least two suits pending 4/06. Placed on leave 1980; laicized 1985. Named in new suit 3/07. Willis previously settled with this plaintiff. Mistrial declared 6/07. New trial began 11/26/07. Another case settled 2/08 for $170K. Appealed to VT Sup. Court. New trial ordered 10/09. New suit filed fall 2010. One case settled 1/13. Currently believed to be living in Virginia. Burlington, VT Source:
Burlington Free Press 4.7.04; Burlington Free Press 6.2.07; Times Argus 4.2.06; Burlington Free Press 04.30.06; Burlington Free Press 03.20.07; Burlington Free Press 04.23.07; Burlington Free Press 06.12.07; WCAX 06.14.07; Burlington Free Press 06.15.07; Times Argus 06.17.07; Rutland Herald 06.21.07; Burlington Free Press 06.22.07; WVEC (AP) 06.22.07; Burlington Free Press 06.23.07; Times Argus 06.26.07
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Wilson James L. 1990 P Settled 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Personnel files released 12/02 show that Wilson was accused in 1993 of molesting a boy in 1991-1992. Wilson admitted the abuse and also alleged that youth was abused by another priest, Redmond Raux. The matter was settled in 1995 for $200K. Wilson was placed on sick leave in 1993 and "voluntarily" laicized in 1998. Boston AD database in 8/11 says case concluded canonically. Boston, MA Source:
Sr. Mulkerrin Memo to Fr. McCormack 01.21.93; Plaintiff's Attorney Letter to Diocese Attorney 12.08.94; Fr. William Murphy Memo to File 03.20.97; Memo from Msgr Lennon to Fr. Wm. Murphy 08.12.98; Boston Globe 12.12.02; Boston Herald 12.12.02; NY Times 12.12.02; Union Leader 12.12.02; National Catholic Register 08.25.11
Boston Archdiocesan Assignment Record
Wilson Samuel J. 1952 P Accused 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Died in 1986. Served for 33 yrs in Gallup Diocese in 20 rural parishes, mostly in AZ and NM, including assignments on the Navajo and White Mountain Apache reservations and a number of small Hispanic communities. Named as abuser in court pleadings filed 6/12 in another case. More than one accuser. Gallup, NM Source:
Albuquerque Journal 06.28.95; Gallup Independent 07.31.12; Gallup Independent 11.11.13; Diocese of Gallup Downloaded 02.28.15; Arizona Journal 11.21.15; Cibola Beacon 05.10.17
Diocese of Gallup Downloaded 02.28.15
Albert 1956 P Sued 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Tommie Pierick and his priest uncle told Bishop Dingman in 1978 of abuse in late 1960s starting when boy was 12. Threats and gifts used; farmhouse a common venue. Diocese admits no record of 2 complaints. W removed 1981. T committed suicide 1985; W sentfor treatment again in same year. T's sister went to the diocese 1993. She went public 2002; other victims then surfaced. Diocese asked for defrocking 9/19/03. T's brother sued 2/25/04. W died 9/26/04. 1 civil suit filed 2006; settled 2007. Des Moines, IA Source:
Des Moines Register 05.12.02; Des Moines Register 05.16.02; Des Moines Register 05.30.03; Channel 4000 09.19.03; Des Moines Register 09.20.03; Des Moines Register 02.26.04; Des Moines Register 10.03.04; Des Moines Register 01.18.06; Des Moines Register 08.24.07; Des Moines Register 07.01.14
Des Moines Register 9.20.03
Dennis T. 1969 P Accused 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Wirks' name on list released by Cleveland Diocese in April 2002 of priests no longer in active ministry because of allegations in the past of abuse of minors. Wirks is one of three priests who served at St. Josephs of Avon Lake who have been accused of abuse. No further information has been located. Cleveland, OH Source:
Akron Beacon Journal 4.9.02; Plain Dealer 4.9.02; Plain Dealer 06.16.02
Assignments: Assignment Record
Wise Stephen 1979 P Sued 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Named in 1 lawsuit filed 6/08 which alleged he molested one boy at Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception over a 4 yr period in the late 1970s. Wise left priesthood in 1986 and later married. At least one claim included in 8/08 $10M settlement re 12 priests. New civil suit filed 10/11 by one man who alleged Wise abused him for 2 years between the ages of 10 and 12 and that a Bishop knew of allegations against Wise before he was abused. Laicization is pending. Kansas City-St. Joseph, MO Source:
Kansas City Star 06.19.08; Statement by Kansas City-St Joseph Diocese 06.19.08; Kansas City Star 08.20.08; Kansas City Star 08.20.08; Kansas City Star 10.04.11; SNAP Statement 10.04.11; Lee's Summit Journal 10.06.11
Assignments: Assignment Record
John W. 1962 P Convicted 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Pled no contest 1980 to charge of Oral copulation of child. 5 yr probation. Probation was terminated in 1982, the felony reduced to misdemeanor in 1991 and later dismissed. Returned to active ministry in 1987. Retired in 1997 or 1998. Served as policechaplain prior to dismissal in 2002.Laicized 8/02 per USA Today article. Named in archdiocesan report. Los Angeles, CA Source:
LA Times 08.18.02; LA Times (chart) 08.18.02; USA Today 11.11.02; LA Archdiocesan Report, page 3 02.17.04; John Roe 4 vs Does, Cause No 1156450, Superior Court of California 08.27.04
LA Times Database 4.20.06
Thomas J. 1974 P Accused 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Accused of 3 yr relationship with a 15 yr old boy from 1983-1987. Placed on leave 2002 with restrictions. Restrictions increased 2004. Ministry is permanently restricted and he is living a supervised life. Name is on secret 1994 memo from Wm. Lynn to Msgr. James Molloy (released 2/27/12) re priests in secret archives who were guilty of sexual misconduct with a minor. Testimony re him in 2012 Msgr. Lynn trial. Philadelphia, PA Source:
Philadelphia Grand Jury Report; Philadelphia Daily News 09.22.05; Philadelphin Inquirer 09.27.05; 1994 Memo from Fr. William Lynn to Asst. Vicar for Admin. re Names in Philadelphia Secret Archives, released 02.27.12; CBS Philly 04.23.12; Palm Beach Post 04.23.12; Philadelphia Inquirer 04.23.12
Philadelphia Archdiocesan Priest Data Profile; Archdiocese of Philadelphia Assignment Record (rev.)
Frank C. 1977 P Settled 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Per documents released in 2009, Diocese paid two men $20K each in 2004 to settle claims of abuse in late 1970s-early 1980s. Men say they were abused by Wissel and former Vicar General Genuario. Money was for "therapy" for 3 yrs. and settlements referred to "disputed claims." Accusers recently learned that the priests were still active. Pastor of St. Mary Parish in Greenwich and founder of a home for underprivileged boys in Bridgeport. Both priests have denied allegations. Bridgeport, CT Source:
Hartford Courant 12.11.09; Voice from the Desert 12.14.09; Hartford Courant 12.15.09; Greenwich Times 12.07.11
Assignments Compiled by Law Firm
Casper G. 1938 P Settled 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Monsignor. Cardinal Hayes High School teacher 1942-1969. Died 2/1/72. Subject of 10/17 settlement as part of Archdiocese's compensation fund. New York, NY Source:
ABC7 Eyewitness News 10.25.17; Church Militant 10.26.17; New York Daily News 10.26.17; Spectrum News NY1 10.26.17
Jeff Anderson & Associates Timeline and Assignment History
Wolf James C. 1957 P Accused 4699153F-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Civil suit alleges Wolf, Jim Buser and Gale Leifeld molested a man while he was a student at a Capuchin run high school and after graduation. The plaintiff is now a counselor for men abused by clergy and claims his therapy in 1992 revealed flashbacks. Case tried in 1995. Jury decided it was not filed within statute of limitations. Two of priests admitted abusing other boys but not Plaintiff in this case. Detroit, MI Source:
Detroit Free Press 02.11.95; Detroit Free Press 02.14.95; Detroit Free Press 03.29.95
Assignments: Assignment Record
Wolfe Benedict 1941 P Accused 582A7FFB-AF88-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Per the PA Attorney General's 3/1/16 Grand Jury Report, Wolfe molested a 17-yr-old girl in McConnellsburg PA in 1979, where he was assigned to St. Stephen's. The girl was visiting the area with her family; Wolfe invited the family to stay in the rectory. He gave the girl a private room, then sexually assauted her there during daily visits. Wolfe's victim reported him to the diocese years later. He died 4/20/97. Altoona-Johnstown, PA Source:
PA AG Statement 03.01.16; PA GJ FBI Timeline 03.01.16; PA Office of the Attorney General 03.01.16; Tribune-Democrat 03.01.16; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Timeline 03.06.16
PA Office of the Attorney General 03.01.16
Wolfe Philip Mark 1980 P Convicted 47A15D80-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Convicted 1989 of abuse of 1 boy. 1 yr jail and 5 yrs probation. Committed suicide 1994. Named in Los Angeles Archdiocesan report with 3 accusers and incidents from 1975-1989. 1991 civil suit settled 1992. He was at St. Anthony Seminary. Man sued Franciscans of California in 2001 alleging that he was abused by Wolfe in 1982 in Portland, Oregon when Wolfe visited his family. Suit was settled 5/02 for $10K. Named as abuser in 2 suits filed fall 2009. Los Angeles, CA Source:
1993 Report on Investigation of St Anthony's Seminary; John Roe 4 vs Does, Cause No 1156450, Superior Court of California; Undated letter--Independent Board of Inquiry re St Anthony Seminary; New York Times 12.01.93; LA Times (AP) 11.11.94; Sunday Oregonian 07.07.02; LA Archdiocesan Report, page 6 02.17.04; Table: The Oregonian 11.12.06; Ernesto C v Franciscans, Cause No 1337577, Santa Barbara Co Superior Court 10.05.09; Clover v Franciscans, Cause No 1338070, Santa Barbara Co Superior Court 11.03.09; Redacted v Franciscans, Cause No 1338630, Santa Barbara Co Superior Court, 12.11.09; KEYT 03.23.10
LA Times Database 4.20.06
Steven J. 1980 P Sentenced 53A2A35C-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC "Retired" priest from NY. Admitted allowing kids to sleep with him while he was nude. Pleaded guilty in 2008 to "involuntary deviate sexual intercourse with a child under the age of 13" for abuse of an 8-yr-old boy 2006-07. Up for parole in 8/16. Scranton, PA Source:
Wayne Independent 03.19.08; Wayne Independent 08.14.08; New York Daily News 10.24.16; SNAP 10.25.16; The Times-Tribune 10.29.16; Wayne Independent 02.16.17
Assignments: Assignment Record
Adalbert 1958 P Accused 5F215642-AF88-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC On 1/03/14 the Diocese of St. Cloud released the names of 33 clergy, including Wolski, involved in incidents of likely claims of sexual abuse of minors. No info on when the abuse occurred; Cathedral High School in St. Cloud appears to be his only assignment in the diocese. Spent time in Paraguay in 1960s. Died 1/3/12 at St. Bernardine Monastery in PA, age 80. Named in PA AG's 3/15/16 Grand Jury Report of abuse of 3 boys, ages 10-11, 1963-67 at an Altoona PA parish. Said to have taken little boys into parish offices and fondled their genitals. Bishop Adamec and T.O.R. Provincial Giles Schinelli learned of allegations 1991. Robert D'Avdersa, T.O.R. and Adamec assigned Wolski to hospital ministry. Schinelli, D'Aversa and Anthony M. Criscitelli, T.O.R. were criminally charged 3/15/16 with child endangerment and conspiracy related to the Wolski case and other T.O.R. Franciscan child sex abusers under their supervision. St. Cloud, MN Source:
Obituary in Plain Dealer 01.07.12; Diocese of St Cloud--Bishop Kettler Press Release, 01.03.14; Legal Examiner 01.03.14; St Cloud Times 01.03.14; Star Tribune 01.03.14; WJON 01.03.14; St Cloud Times 01.31.14; Jeff Anderson & Associates 11.05.14; PA GJ Presentment 03.15.16; WCBC 03.15.16; We Are Central PA 03.15.16
Assignments: Assignment Record; PA GJ Presentment 03.15.16
Arthur L. 1959 ? P Sued 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Died in 1983 at age 59. Wood was named in at least 39 lawsuits filed in 2002 and 2003 alleging that he abused children. Only Louis E. Miller has more victims in Louisville. One person went to archdiocese after Wood's death with claim that Wood had abused him. The archdiocese paid this man $10,500 in 1995 and provided counseling. Many claims included in massive 6/03 settlement. Louisville, KY Source:
Courier-Journal 5.1.02; Courier-Journal 5.9.02; Courier-Journal 6.8.02; Courier-Journal 9.2.02; Courier-Journal 9.29.02 (Major Account); Courier-Journal 05.10.02; Courier-Journal 05.11.02; Courier-Journal 05.17.02; Courier-Journal 05.18.02; Courier-Journal 05.22.02; Courier-Journal 06.15.02; Courier-Journal 06.27.02; Courier-Journal 07.31.02; Courier-Journal 08.23.02; Courier-Journal 09.29.02
Courier-Journal 10.13.02 (add'l article); Courier-Journal 1.22.03 (add'l article); Courier-Journal 4.16.03 (add'l article); Courier-Journal 6.11.03 (add'l article); Page on Sexual Abuse and Cover-Up in the Louisville Archdiocese, part 1 4/22/11; Assignment Record Compiled by Law Firm
John J. {Jack} 1950 P Sued 4FA33B28-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Wood was added as a defendant in existing litigation 10/07. He is accused of abuse in Chevak, AK. He served in rural Alaska for approximately 12 yrs. Claims included in 11/07 settlement with Jesuits. One pending claim shown in bankruptcy reorganization documents for Fairbanks Diocese 1/25/10. Wood died 03/11/97. Fairbanks, AK Source:
Fairbanks News-Miner 11.03.07; Anchorage Daily News 11.20.07; Good Jesuit, Bad Jesuit 11.12.09; Excerpt from Bankruptcy Reorganization Documents for Fairbanks Diocese 01.25.10
Assignments: Assignment Record
Worzalla Vincent 1915 P Accused 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Assigned to Holy Cross in Minneapolis 1915-1951 and Holy Trinity in St. Paul 1951-1962. Died 1962. Worzalla's name was included on the archdiocese's list 11/3/17 of clergy with claims of substantiated abused against them. St. Paul-Minneapolis, MN Source:
Archdiocese of St Paul and Minneapolis Statement 11.03.17; Star Tribune 11.04.17
St. Paul and Minneapolis Archdiocese Assignment Record
Benjamin L. 1961 P Sued 4FA33B28-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Taught at Jesuit high schools in TX and New Orleans LA before 35-yr career as Asian History and Zen teacher at Loyola University in New Orleans. Left priesthood to marry in 1996. Died in 2006. Accused in 9/16 lawsuit of sexually assaulting and raping a girl on campus hundreds of times 1978-85, beginning when the girl was age 5. Her grandmother worked at the University. Wren's accuser said he told her that if she told their "special secret" she and her family would die and go to hell. New Orleans, LA Source:
University of Hawai'i Press 2007; Times Picayune 07.21.06; The Advocate 09.02.16; Advocate 01.27.17
Assignments: Assignment Record
Joel A   S Charged 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Seminarian at Pontifical College Josephinum in Columbus OH. Arrested by federal agents in San Diego 1/29/16 on charges related to allegedly seeking to travel to Mexico to adopt and have sex with multiple female infants. Per court documents, Wright tried to adopt a baby from Mexico in 2014. His mother told news media that at least 40 dioceses and religious orders rejected his applications prior to his admission to Pontifical College. The college dismissed him after his arrest. Pled not guilty in U.S. District Court 2/25/16. Pled guilty in a plea agreement 4/13/16. Sentenced 7/1/16 to 16 yrs in federal prison and lifetime supervision. Steubenville, OH Source:
San Diego Union-Tribune; US Customs and Immigration Enforcement 01.29.16; KTLA 01.30.16; Fox 28 01.31.16; Heavy 01.31.16; WDUN 01.31.16; 10TV 02.01.16; WCAX 02.01.16; 10TV 02.02.16; NBC4i 02.02.16; New York Times 02.02.16; Worthy Adversary 02.02.16; 10TV 02.03.16; 10TV 02.03.16; BuzzFeed 02.03.16; TV10 02.08.16; WCBE 02.10.16; Courthouse News Service [San Diego CA] 02.25.16; NBC4i 02.25.16; Columbus Dispatch 03.21.16; NBC4i 03.21.16; SNAP 03.21.16; NBC4i 03.22.16; Courthouse News Service 04.13.16; KRQE 04.13.16; Los Angeles Times 04.13.16; NBC San Diego 04.13.16; 10TV 04.14.16; Catholic Review 04.25.16; 10 News 07.01.16; 10 TV 07.01.16; CBS 8 07.01.16; Cincinnati com 07.01.16; Los Angeles Times 07.01.16; Times of San Diego 07.01.16; Freethinker (UK) 07.05.16; WTOV 07.02.26
WTOV 02.04.16
Wunder Louis W. 1961 P Settled 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Two claims against Wunder were included in 8/13 $5.2M out-of-court settlement involving 10 priests and 26 victims. Earliest claimed abuse occurred in 1960s, apparently during his assignments in Clear Lake and/or Dubuque. Served at Sacred Heart in Waterloo from 1969-75 and on faculty at Columbus High School from 1974 through 1975. Died 01/28/90. At least 1 claim included in 8/13 $5.2M out-of-court settlement involving 10 priests and 26 victims. Dubuque, IA Source:
CBS 2 08.28.13; Dyersville Commercial 08.28.13; Radio Iowa 08.28.13; SNAP Statement 08.28.13; Telegraph-Herald 08.28.13; WCF Courier 08.28.13
Archdiocese of Dubuque - Table of Accused Priests and Assignment Records 08.01.13
Wyrsch Louis 1964 P Accused 41A031DB-AF87-11E3-8677-CFE8F69ED7FC Diocese announced 12/07 that it had recently received a credible allegation against Wyrsch involving abuse of a minor approximately 40 yrs before. He worked in Poplar Bluff and Joplin before taking leaving in 1969. He returned as a chaplain at SW Missouri State College in 1970. Wyrsch left active ministry again in 1973, was laicized in 1989, and died in 1997. Springfield-Cape Girardeau, MO Source:
Springfield News-Leader 12.30.07; Springfield News-Leader 01.01.08; Joplin Globe 05.01.17
Assignments: 12.28.07
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