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Future Iowa bishop will conceal Janssen (10/3/58)
Louisville prelate knew about Creagh (6/14/83)
Boston okays Shanley for California (1/16/90)
Victim’s mother on Pecharich in Orange (3/30/02)
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St. Joseph's church in Fort Madison IA Assignment Records
Assignment records of accused priests and our guide for researching a priest’s career. Go
Major Accounts of the Crisis
A sample of the many important investigative reports on the crisis, with the original photos, maps, and charts. Many articles include links to important documents. Updated frequently.
The Tragedy of Gilbert Gauthe
Jason Berry
Times of Acadiana 5/23/85
Manchester NH: Early Warning
Alan Cooperman
Washington Post 4/22/03
Priests Who Molest
Carl M. Cannon
Mercury News 12/30/87

Davenport IA: Abuse Timeline
Shirley Ragsdale
Des Moines Register 5/25/04

Adamson: Don't Tell Anybody
Bob Ehlert
Star Tribune 12/11/88
Runaway Priests
Brooks Egerton et al.
Dallas Morning News 6/20/04
St. Anthony's Seminary NEW
Victor Inzunza/Morgan Green
News-Press 12/5/93
MacRae: A Priest's Story
Dorothy Rabinowitz
Wall Street Journal 4/27/05
Lafayette IN: Faith Betrayed
Linda Graham Caleca et al.
Indianapolis Star 2/16/97
Orange CA: Settlement Files
Rachanee Srisavasdi et al.
OC Register 5/18/05
Grammond in the Small Towns
Michael Wilson                 
The Oregonian 1015/00
Teczar: Blinded by Faith?
Darren Barbee
DFW Star-Telegram 6/5/05
Cardinal Sin and Geoghan
Kristen Lombardi
Boston Phoenix 3/23/01
Vast Scope of LA Abuse
Jean Guccione et al.         
Los Angeles Times 10/13/05
Church Enabled Geoghan
Michael Rezendes et al.
Boston Globe 1/6/02
Missionary's Dark Legacy
William Lobdell                  
Los Angeles Times 11/19/05
Jesuit's Cloak of Silence  
Glenn F. Bunting
Los Angeles Times 3/2402
Delaware: Hidden Abuse
Steven Church et al.
News Journal 11/20/05
Shanley's Record Ignored
Walter V. Robinson et al.
Boston Globe 4/9/02
Ramos in LA and Orange
Gustavo Arellano
OC Weekly 12/14/05
Database of Enabling Bishops
Reese Dunklin et al.
Dallas Morning News 6/12/02
Dubuque: Sins & Silence
Mary Nevans-Pederson et al.
Telegraph Herald 3/5/06
America's Worst Bishops
Laura Sheahan et al. 6/02
Philadelphia Grand Jury
Michael Newall
NCR 4/28/06
Nuns: Devotion and Deceit
Louis Rom
Times of Acadiana 8/7/02
Many More Portland Claims
Ashbel S. Green et al.      
The Oregonian 11/12/06
LA Claims Hidden from Police
Glenn F. Bunting et al.
Los Angeles Times 8/18/02
Fear of Bishop Soens      
Mason Kerns & Margaret Poe
The Daily Iowan 5/8/07
Louisville: Victims and Priests
Andrew Wolfson et al.
Courier-Journal 9/29/02
McGuire Files: Jesuits Knew
Barbara Bradley Hagerty
National Public Radio 10/29/07
Shame, Sin and Secrets
Michael D. Sallah et al.
Toledo Blade 12/1/02
Abuse Files in Rhode Island
Mike Stanton et al.            
Providence Journal 10/29/07
More Clergy Abuse & Secrecy
Thomas Farragher et al.  
Boston Globe 12/4/02
Abuse in Religious Orders
Barbara Bradley Hagerty
National Public Radio 12/31/07
Trail of Pain: Data on the Crisis
Laurie Goodstein
New York Times 1/12/03
Cardinal Law - After the Fall
John L. Allen, Jr.              
NCR 1/25/08
NH Attorney General's Report
Kathryn Marchocki et al.
Union Leader 3/4/03
Franklyn Becker File Released
Marie Rohde & Mary Zahn
Journal Sentinel 1/31/08 NEW
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